Please help a 'Golden Oldie'

aries62, Dec 21, 11:42am
I am a semi- illterate technology challenged oldie so can someone tell me the difference between a Tablet and an IPad Thanks in Advance

vtecintegra, Dec 21, 11:43am
An iPad is a model of tablet made by Apple

aries62, Dec 21, 11:48am
That's great. I am applying to work on next year's Census and they require use of Tablet and I own an IPad. So looks like I qualify LOL

nice_lady, Dec 21, 11:51am
Yeah iPad is a tablet made by Apple.
Plenty other makers of tablets around.

lythande1, Dec 21, 11:59am
None. Ipad is just a brand of tablet.

cookee_nz, 6 days, 10 hours
The significant difference is the software each can run. "Most" tablets will be based on Android. All ipads run Apple's own software (iOS).
It should only be a problem if what you are doing requires a specific App that only runs on one or the other but if all they require is access to the Internet then either will be fine.

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