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cheyenne2, Jan 31, 4:48pm
Do all Chromebooks use the cloud for storage and therefore have no HDD?
The advertising is very unclear for one of advanced years like myself.
I asked a salesman at Harvey Norms and he just gave me the 1000 yard stare.

vtecintegra, Jan 31, 4:51pm
They have a small amount of internal storage but are set up around having everything in the cloud. If you don?

cheyenne2, Jan 31, 4:53pm
I have no problem with Google, in fact I like the idea of cloud storage after having been thru a few lost HDDs over the years, and everything with it. Thanks for the info.

nice_lady, Jan 31, 5:27pm
All computers have some kind of hard drive

suicidemonkey, Jan 31, 6:26pm
Yep they have a very small amount of internal storage (typically a solid state drive, sort of like what you'd find in a USB stick). But they are made so that everything saves and syncs easily in the cloud.

cheyenne2, Jan 31, 7:52pm
Thank you guys, you have answered my question.

king1, Jan 31, 8:18pm
Learn how to do a backup. files in one place only are not backed up. Even cloud storage can't be relied on solely, still plenty of ways you could lose access to that data

lythande1, Feb 1, 7:42am
They don't have NO HDD, how do you think you download email and such? But it is small.

flower_tears, Feb 1, 8:09am
They do have SSD and not HDD btw :)

king1, Feb 1, 8:17am
most of the cheapie laptops use eMMC, there is quite a difference performance wise between SSD an eMMC, which can be quite slow

ianab, Feb 2, 9:14pm
True, but it's still classed as a "Solid State Drive", as in no moving parts or spinning rust like a HDD.

As you would expect a cheap Chromebook isn't going to have a high performance SSD installed. It's more like running off an SD card or USB stick.

suicidemonkey, Feb 3, 12:14am
Exactly this.

king1, Feb 3, 9:20am
eMMC may have no moving parts but it is no more a solid state drive than are the flash drives I carry around with me

ronaldo8, Feb 3, 3:41pm
In other words, it is a solid state drive, a drive made out of solid-state components, just like the flash drives you carry around with you, and like them and faster ssds contains both a drive controller and solid-state memory as compared to simply a block of memory on a stick of ram that has no onboard controller.

Seems you want the acronym to mean something else other than what it is.

king1, Feb 3, 4:07pm
maybe but it does no-one any favours lumping a flash drive or eMMC drive in the same category as a true SSD - or another way, just because it has solid state components does not make it what i consider qualifies as a true SSD ie the 2.5inch variety - just my opinion

nice_lady, Feb 3, 4:13pm
I agree. "True" ssd drives have controllers built in and also very fast memory, (these days anyway), they are far more advanced than just simple Flash drive memory.

king1, Feb 3, 4:25pm
The link on form factors in this article is an interesting read too

ronaldo8, Feb 3, 10:39pm
Silly semantics. Buzzwords and what you personally think something currently means to your mind does no one any favors because you need to assume that everyone thinks the same as you, they don't. Some consumers may think in those terms, engineers don't. Even the one acronym has several possible meanings, is it a solid state device or solid state drive? The only difference that actually means anything is the spec, the "true" technical difference, in this case, and sophistication of the memory and its controller.

You think of 2.5" connected devices as true ssds. So is or a pcie device like an Intel 750 a "true" ssd ? or an M.2 or U.2 card? How about an m.2 in a usb stick enclosure?

king1, Feb 3, 10:49pm
and yet you were so adamant about the terminology previously - I believe the link I posted was quite clear

ronaldo8, Feb 3, 10:51pm
And I still am, the technical description is not "what you think"

king1, Feb 3, 10:58pm
Well its not what you think it is either. SSD is not an all encompassing term.

king1, Feb 3, 11:01pm
All encompassing would be Solid-state storage

ronaldo8, Feb 3, 11:03pm
I think a solid state drive is a solid state drive, as I've said. By all means, put your counterargument that a solid state drive is in fact just what you happen to think it is. A 2.5" was it?

ross1970, Feb 3, 11:10pm
Well aren't you 2 just bloody tedious!

ronaldo8, Feb 3, 11:12pm

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