Blocking someone on Facebook - Question

hawat, Jan 13, 2:16pm
I want to stop a 'friend's' posts from appearing on my page. If I block that person will their posts still appear on my page? The help section of facebook only says they won't be able to tag me and other stuff but it doesn't say that their posts will stop appearing on my page.

bassmo1, Jan 13, 2:25pm
Yes, you could play with your facebook settings, write it down as you go so you can reverse things if necessary. Become a power user, it's safer for you.

suicidemonkey, Jan 13, 2:31pm
Unfriend them and set your timeline to only accept posts from friends

wembley1, Jan 13, 2:38pm
You don't need to unfriend them.

In the top right corner of one of your friends post you will see three dots. Click on that and you can choose:
"Unfollow friend" = stop seeing posts but stay friends
"Snooze friend for 30 days" = temporarily stop seeing posts

suicidemonkey, Jan 13, 2:58pm
Oh right - I misread. I thought OP was wanting to stop someone posting on their timeline.

hawat, Jan 13, 9:42pm
OK wembley I thing your stuff is what i need

oddbits, Jan 13, 9:53pm
do they know if you unfriend some one

hawat, Jan 13, 11:08pm
ummm if I click on 'stop seeing posts' etc it only stops that particular post. Can I click on something that stops ALL the posts?

suicidemonkey, Jan 13, 11:13pm

hawat, Jan 14, 9:57am
thanks monkey. That is exactly what I needed. I have unfollowed my former friend

davepro, Feb 5, 5:30pm
After much trying I finally got myself off Facebook. Ah, the relief.


black-heart, Feb 7, 8:04am
I deleted my account permanently, and blocked the domain on the router.

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