Does this Skylink TV thing work in New Zealand

banjo2002, Jul 24, 12:21pm
It looks so good but does in work here
Sounds good at $35.00 US but can we access all channels that we get on Sky
Would be good to dump Sky as they are getting too dear

nice_lady, Jul 24, 12:48pm
Hmmm can't see how an antenna is going to Decode the sky signal. That's what a sky decoder does. Without that sky decoder box you might be able to get the signal sure but I can't see how you'd be able to watch it.

lythande1, Jul 24, 12:55pm

ians2, Jul 24, 12:56pm
It probably receives the FTA channels ok, but I cannot see how i.t receives any of the channels that are broadcast via sattelite, such as SKY TV.

suicidemonkey, Jul 24, 1:01pm
Getting too dear? They recently pretty much halved all their prices

nice_lady, Jul 24, 1:03pm
Didn't make a cent of difference to us as we get the Sky Basic and preferred to leave the channel selections available as they were. Zero change in pricing. Those cut prices certainly don't suit everyone as if you want the cheapest deals you may lose several channels you don't want to lose.

nice_lady, Jul 24, 1:04pm
OH and Edit to my first post. Yeah no antenna is going to pick up the satellite signal eh. I forgot they don't do uhf sky now-a-days.

loud_37, Jul 24, 4:28pm
We cancelled ours when this price changed happened as it didn't change our pricing, then after 6 weeks they rang me and offered basic and the sports for $30 p/m, still didn't tempt us back as we now are use to not having it.

king1, Jul 24, 4:35pm
its not halving all their prices when you have to give up some channels to get

emmerson1, Oct 8, 6:15am
I use a NetGear wifi adaptor with ours. It drops out sometimes and seems to need reconnecting if the wifi router drops out for any reason, but it does mainly work. That is if the Sky Link adaptor is what you're talking about. If it is the Skylink antenna, then no, no Sky just Freeview channels.

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