Any Skinny user received configuration message?

billyfieldman, May 5, 11:41pm
All of a sudden, at about 11pm, I received a text from 7461 about configuring my handset followed by configuration messages.

Unfortunately skinny customer care only operate until 5pm today so I cannot call to check if it was really sent by them.

Anybody else received this?

nice_lady, May 6, 6:02am

shinedog, May 6, 8:44am

peanuts37, May 6, 9:30am

billyfieldman, May 6, 11:47am
Thanks all. I'm still trying to get through to skinny's customer care.

datoofairy, May 6, 4:12pm
Just ignore it, it was obviously just some random glitch. Unless your phone isnt working?

nice_lady, May 6, 4:33pm
Yeah what sort of configurations ?

billyfieldman, Dec 6, 3:04am
Got through to Skinny. At first they were puzzled too because they don't use 7461. So I gave them the information peanuts37 posted about 7466. They put me on hold for few minutes and then told me those were for MMS configuration. But they're not sure why I got sent those.

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