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jenwren26, May 8, 11:44am
Want to buy a new phone - what is better about the S7 compared to the S6 apart from the age, though you can still buy S6 new. What does the S7 do that the S6 doesn't? I'm thinking of going for an S6 as it is cheaper and I do not do a lot of online stuff via phone, I want it mainly for calling, texting and a few photos as needed. Occasional internet stuff if I'm away from my desktop. TIA

peanuts37, May 8, 11:50am
Why Samsung?

jenwren26, May 8, 11:53am
Preferred brand, my old phone is a Mini S3 (really old) and all my family have Samsungs so I'm familiar with them.
Edited to add - they all have S7's! But I'm thinking for me an S6 will be fine?

peanuts37, May 8, 11:56am
OK had to ask, makes sense, just an option, have you looked at Huawei etc.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 12:14pm
Very little difference.

S7 Pros:
- Water resistant
- SD card slot
- Slightly faster processor
- Better low light camera (less megapixels, but lets in more light)
- 4GB RAM (S6 has 3)
- Slightly bigger battery

Both have a planned upgrade to the latest version of Android, but I don't think it's confirmed yet.
Keep in mind both are fairly dated now - they won't receive updates for much longer.

delshamic, May 8, 12:32pm
what is latest version of android if I can crash this thread .thanks

peanuts37, May 8, 12:33pm
Oreo/android 8

vtecintegra, May 8, 12:36pm

The S6 and S7 are currently on 7.0 with a really heavy skin. BTW in the real world the biggest difference between an S6 and S7 is battery life - the S6 was notoriously bad.

jenwren26, May 8, 1:22pm
Thanks people, - what about the J7. When were they released, how old are they? I've heard they are good ?

duncb, May 8, 2:50pm
Why not look at something different? We have changed from Samsungs to Xiaomi and been very happy. They have a range of new models with screen sizes from 5" to 6.44". For instance you can get a Xiaomi RedMi 5 Plus with 5.99" screen (1080 x 2160) 3G Ram 32Gb Rom Snapdragon 625 ( Octa-core x 2.0 Ghz). 4000Mah battery Size 158mm x 76mm x 8.1mm currently for just over $200

suicidemonkey, Dec 3, 9:19pm
The J5/J7 Pro aren't too bad.

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