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dolphin19, Jun 15, 9:35am
My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite with Windows 10. Last night it wanted to update so I started the update and it has been stuck on 30% all night. The screen is an orange colour and it says Working on updates 30% complete. Don't turn off your computer. Any advice as to what I can do?


nice_lady, Jun 15, 9:43am
Shut it off and restart

black-heart, Jun 15, 9:51am
no way ! wait another night.

dolphin19, Jun 15, 9:51am
Thanks nice_lady. I wasn't sure if I would damage it if I did that.

black-heart, Jun 15, 1:07pm
potentially you will. If windows is still 'working' you could break it, leaving it in an inconsistent state. How old is your toshiba satellite, as they have been making them for decades. A really old one doing a big update could take a very long time.

nice_lady, Jun 15, 2:01pm
I would say overnight is too long. In my own experience if an update takes more than a couple, (or maybe 3 at the most), of hours somethings gone wrong. Personally I'd turn it off. Then restart it.

dolphin19, Jun 15, 2:17pm
Thanks nice_lady, I did shut down and restart and it came back on at 91% then quickly went to 100% and everything was fine.
The up date was KB4284835.

The laptop is about 4/5 years old.

nice_lady, Jun 15, 3:07pm

terry012, Jun 15, 5:29pm
Find yourself a hacked version of their OS systems. Why should you pay for a failed system

suicidemonkey, Jun 15, 5:41pm
It's like intrade but angrier.

king1, Jun 15, 6:17pm
so angry he can't see how absurd the protest actually is.

ross1970, Jun 15, 7:04pm
Just up your dosage. Thoughts like these should diminish once you find your sweet spot.

bassmo1, Jun 15, 9:34pm
it's probably no longer on the network, it can't update. If you forcibly turned it off, waited a few minutes then turned it back on, it may find the network again and keep updating. Worth a try. I woudn't recommend this in the middle of an update but yours sounds as though it's like a possum in the headlights.

mr-word, Jun 16, 1:44am
I have a Toshiba S50 (2013 model) laptop on WIndows 10 Home Edition it does take a long time to update. My advice is too leave it too update and do it's business. If you want to download the update faster don't download through Wifi use an ethernet cable plugged into laptop from the router. Updates coming through the background can be slow.

nice_lady, Jun 16, 7:19am
that's completely nonsensicial when windows 10 is already installed.

hawat, Jun 16, 7:32am
We had an Acer desktop that used to do the same thing 'stuck on 71%. Tried turning it off and all the usual things. It would always get to 71% and stay there. Long story short, the thing was a POS! Took it back to Noel who sent it to Acer who waived the white flag. Now have a HP desktop and a healthy disregard for Acer plus a few sneaking suspicions about Noel. Steven Tindall - you own this outfit, sort them out.

king1, Jun 16, 9:33am
Does no-one have the ability to think logically these days?

How the heck does a windows update stuck at 71% ( for whatever reason) become Steven Tindalls fault ( or ACERS fault for that matter) because he owns the warehouse group, which owns Noel Leemings, which sells both HP and ACER, which both run Microsoft Windows.

king1, Jun 16, 9:36am
Basically, if your going to tarnish a brands image because the software loaded on a device didn't work perfectly you might as well just assume ALL brands are a POS

bassmo1, Jun 16, 9:54am
POS? Point of sale? Doesn't make sense.

king1, Jun 16, 10:26am
Piece of Shxt - in reference to #16

black-heart, Jun 16, 1:30pm
Ok well I stubbed my toe on a wooden deck, the deck was made from NZ pine, and thats probably been sourced in the kaiangaroa forest, and the landowners of that forest are XXX--- So its their fault! Sort out your timber!

nice_lady, Jun 16, 1:33pm
*Nods * Yep yep.

henry284, Jun 16, 7:50pm
oof, such anger

kevymtnz, Jun 16, 9:21pm
when will people learn , ever update

hawat, Jun 17, 12:53am
The computer broke down after 2 years on a 3 year gtee because it stuck on 71% as already mentioned. Noel sent it back to Acer in Aust who fixed it. Same thing happened 2 years after that. Before I took it back to Noel I phoned first Microsoft who said not a microsoft prob and referred me to Acer. Acer said there are limits to what could be done about it and virtually washed their hands of it because by now it had gone out of the 3 year warranty period. Took up the dispute with Noel who said virtually - can't be fixed and a $2400 computer was trash after 4 years. Lots of arguments later Noel gave me $500 off a new HP. Both Acer and Noel are liable but not accepting it. Commerce Commission are looking into practices at Noel. There are multiple cases still under investigation. I caved too early. If you want confirmation go buy an Acer from Noel. Good luck Maybe Commerce Commission will have brought some cases against Noel to Court by then. They are intending to. Loooooots of paperwork on this. You want to read it? Took 8 months to reach this stage. I just got tired of the whole thing. Noel are saying its an Acer prob but I told Noel I gave them the money not Acer so they have a responsibility to me.

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