Getting photos onto computer from phone

susievb, Aug 12, 11:41am
I know how to send a photo to my computer via wifi, but I can do it one photo at a time, is there a away to download a few at a time rather than one at a time?

peanuts37, Aug 12, 11:51am
Plug phone into computer with cable, open phone storage on computer and just transfer photos from phone as you would on computer from folder to folder.

nice_lady, Aug 12, 11:54am
Might help if you were to state the type of phone ?

susievb, Aug 12, 11:58am
Doh thank you, I did try that but only saw it charging, did not think to open it as such -thanks

peanuts37, Aug 12, 12:02pm
Sometimes a pop up will appear on phone, charge or transfer files, just click on latter and follow prompts on computer. Glad your sorted.

gpg58, Sep 26, 9:03am
Just a note re documents, My hauwei (nova 2i and previous y6) would only access document folders, via "my pc" not the phones app, as documents were not listed in that(strange but everything else was there), came up as a walkman icon in my pc.
But since app got updated recently, all are now available by clicking "my device" in the app.

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