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jfor, Jan 18, 1:42pm
is it worthwhile getting a very slow laptop "fixed " or better to buy a new one ? It is 7 yrs old.

nice_lady, Jan 18, 2:31pm
depends on many factors

Before we go any further go thru this list and try to answer it all please:

"Please before posting any problems in this forum, you may be able to solve the problem by Googling it yourself. Simply type in any issues or error messages that you may have and you may find a solution.

However if this does not help, we are happy to help with any problems you have, but it would be very useful to have the following information:

1. What problem are you having?
(Please describe any symptoms and error messages in detail)

2. What device is causing problems - please be specific?
(ie Apple Iphone 6, HP Pavillion Laptop, Brother HL3150CDN)

3. What software are you using?
(ie Windows 10, Android, IOS etc)

4. Any other helpful information?
(ie when did the problem occur, steps taking to try and resolve etc)

5. In this instance also any info about the laptop. Make/model how much hard drive space is left, how much ram it has, what version of windows.

Thank you."

black-heart, Jan 18, 5:37pm
no, replace it.

cafc2012, Jan 18, 7:36pm
A "very slow" laptop might not need fixing, it might be performing at the peak the components will allow. With no information about the machine or its components its difficult to say whether upgrading processors or memory is even possible with your model of laptop, let alone whether it would be cheaper than upgrading. As a general rule of thumb, most ?

ianab, Jan 18, 9:05pm
7 years old? I'm going to go with replace. It will have a slow (compared to current machines) CPU, probably short of memory, and the hard disk is near the end of it's days.

Now you could clean out the heatsink and clean up (reinstall?) the Operating System, but if you have to pay someone to do that, it's $$ down the drain. Easy to spend $200 fixing up a $50

Average life of a laptop in a business scenario is about 3 years, although 5 is realistic if you take good care of it.

Now if you want to tinker with it, clean the dust out of the heatsink, get a RAM upgrade cheap off TM and maybe fit a SSD drive, then install a lightweight version of Linux. You then have a usable machine again for $100.

But if you aren't handy with a screwdriver and installing operating systems, then you buy a new machine.

nice_lady, Jan 18, 9:16pm
Hubby has only recently retired his 7 yr old I5, 4gb ram, ssd. It still works very well, runs latest win 10 etc. NOT slow. So depending on the specs the OP'S machine may well be worth a refresh.

black-heart, Jan 18, 9:52pm
He got a laptop with an SSD 7 years ago? Or did he add that later?

christin, Jan 18, 9:58pm
Depends what you use it for. If you're just browsing the net, doing some Office work etc it may just need a clean out or fresh reload to clear out all the stuff thst may be clogging up the system over time

If you can do this yourself (remember BACKUP all your docs, pics, favourites etc) you've got nothing to loose before forking out money on a new one,

If your software hasn't changed drastically since getting it seven years ago, it worked then, there's no reason it won't work after a tidy. But that's assuming not heavy load stuff.

christin, Jan 18, 10:02pm
Then again, if you're like me and would just like an excuse to go get a nice new piece of equipment,,,,. :-)

nice_lady, Jan 19, 6:18am
The day after he bought it lol. it was always the plan.

lythande1, Jan 19, 8:16am
There are two main causes for slow.
If it's the PC and not Internet slowness.

All the ccleaners, JRts and stuff in the world only have limited success. The best fix is, backup your personal data, then wipe it and do a fresh install of Windows.
The difference will be enormous.

Time and again I see this nonsense, people thinking HARDWARE slows down. It doesn't.

hakatere1, Jan 19, 12:21pm
Amazing isn't it.

nice_lady, Feb 20, 9:53pm
Indeed, hardware itself doesn't slow down with age lol BUT the software can become a lot more demanding over the years and the hardware less capable of handling the requirements. Not enough ram, slow ram, slow cpu, not as capable as a modern cpu, slow bus speeds. slow usb ports. you name it.

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