4k content from laptop to TV.

steve198, Dec 30, 11:45am
I'm getting a new 4k Samsung TV. I have a few huge (50gb+) 4k videos on my laptop.

My laptop is powerful (MSI GE70 2PE-038AU) but doesn't have a 4k display.

With a HDMI cable will the 4k content play on the TV just fine?

ross1970, Dec 30, 11:48am
Take your laptop into the shop. Plug it in .

oclaf, Dec 30, 12:18pm
Geforce GTX 860m DisplayPort Multimode Support up to 3840x2160
Yes. Provided you can play the video files without stutter.

acura, Dec 30, 1:53pm
Ya note the without shutter bit. I find VLC stuggles (I'm running a GTX1080), POT player does OK - if you using windows 10 "Film and TV" plays very well - unfortunately does not handle DTS audio but the video is flawless.

mikep, Dec 30, 2:44pm
If you have good broadband/wifi speed you could look at a Chromecast Ultra which streams 4K video. The resolution of your laptop screen has no bearing on the 4K files when you send it directly to a 4K device.
I'll be interested in the result as I've just bought a 4K TV myself and I may have to get a CC Ultra.

steve198, Dec 31, 7:36am
I currently only use mobile data at home.

I once tried putting a large 4k file on an external harddrive to play on a 4k tv & it didnt work yet 4k content on a pen drive would. I might look into that further

nice_lady, Dec 31, 8:56am
depends on how the hard drive was powered. If it was usb only the ports on the tv may not have had enough grunt to power it sufficiently.

gyrogearloose, Dec 31, 10:45am
I'd be inclined to get a 64GB pen drive from a shop, say $40, and then let the TV control the playback.

steve198, Dec 31, 2:39pm
Come to think about it that does seem like the best idea. A lot 'cleaner' also than tethering a laptop

nice_lady, Mar 8, 2:48am
Hubby occasionally used to plug in a spare 128gb SSD drive to the TV, mounted into a usb 3 enclosure he has. It ran fine. Mechanical drives tend to need extra power.

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