Scam callers, May/June 2018

jeffm13, May 26, 10:01pm
I got a new scam call after a long period of not hearing from them. If you don't take international calls from anyone then block +61 because that was the latest I received (within the past 2 weeks). Then today I got a call from "000000" yes really, all zeros. They left a voice message which was a female robo-caller voice that greeted me in Chinese and proceeded to babble some rubbish that I couldn't understand.

mr-word, May 27, 12:30am
The scammers must be spoofing Australian numbers.

lythande1, May 27, 8:43am
I don't answer them. hint: caller id

jeffm13, May 27, 4:59pm
Sometimes I leave my phone on mute to avoid these nuisance calls and I only switch it off mute when I see that someone genuine is trying to call me.

nice_lady, May 27, 5:03pm
It's very simple to block any caller on your smartphone. Not so easy on a landline.

suicidemonkey, May 27, 5:51pm
There are apps available that let you block any caller that isn't in your contacts list. Doesn't work for a landline obviously.

jeffm13, May 27, 9:52pm
White Listing goes too far for me. I love paranoid security, but a white list for phone calls would not be suitable in my situation.

mr-word, Jun 2, 3:18am
Is this one of their numbers?

jeffm13, Jun 2, 9:56am
I don't know. Were you expecting an international call or not? That is the question.

mr-word, Jun 4, 7:54pm
I wasn't expecting an international call. The call came out of the blue. But the number came up on the new cordless phone. Reported to spark.

loverofbooks, Jun 4, 9:43pm
I've been getting a lot of those calls on my landline. I just hang up straight away when I hear the Chinese gibberish. Telecom must have been hacked again, as I have a confidential #.

tmg, Jun 4, 9:48pm
been seeing that for the last three or more months but + 00061

they usually get hung up on as soon as they ring or fed something else which usually gets rid of them in a hurry . ;-)

galex, Jun 9, 5:30pm
No hacking required, their machines just call numbers sequentially, they have no idea if a number is confidential or not.

jeffm13, Jun 10, 4:23pm
On Friday I received a call but I was hesitant to respond. It was 027 but who knows, the phone # may route to another place so I didn't wanna call, in case it screwed me with a big bill.

I tapped the number on my Vodafone Call+ app and selected "send message". I got a reply and the person said: "I'm out of the country at the moment and I haven't called New Zealand for days". So odd. Maybe their phone is infected. I didn't type their number manually, I selected the _very_ number that called me.

mr-word, Nov 9, 6:47am
61 + 1800 - 431 - 247

Here is a scammer number.
It came from streaming site

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