Facebook problem

village.green, May 15, 11:08am
About 3 weeks ago suddenly on my computer (an oldish Mac) I can no longer make comments on FB. When I type them in and hit send they just disappear. I can however make new posts and edit said post. It could be my computer of course but it is a very odd problem and one I've not experienced before. Thank you for any insight.

suicidemonkey, May 15, 1:29pm
Does it work on a different browser?

You could try clearing your browsers cache.

village.green, May 15, 5:11pm
I love you! thank you! I was too nervous to clear the cache! so I just changed browsers and it works. Muchly grateful and I only feel slightly thick LOL!

r.g.nixon, Nov 29, 8:08am
Not at all thick. You're just not too nerdy, unlike some of us!

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