Glitch after changing pathname for Outlook file

hkjoe, Mar 27, 11:37pm
I have changed the folder name that my .pst file is stored, and while it is easy enough to update this so Outlook looks at the correct pathname to find the file, when I try to send/receive emails it gets an error message, presumably because of the name change. Is there another place where the pathname is stored for when you send/receive emails.

Hope I make myself clear.

hkjoe, Mar 28, 7:23am
Problem fixed. The email accounts in Outlook were corrupted and needed re-creating.

nice_lady, Mar 28, 7:35am
Good effort and good you came back to mention the fix.

king1, Mar 28, 8:26am
on the email accounts tab there is a setting at the bottom to change which data file is used by an account. This is needed in addition to changing changing the location of the file on the data files tab.

Re-adding the email account as you did would allow you to tell Outlook which data file to use at the time.

intrade, Mar 28, 10:21am
that is a unique feature of only 1 single os no other os would manage to do this.

floydbloke, Jan 2, 2:12am
Outlook is an operating system now ?

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