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sa35, Feb 4, 3:55pm
I keep getting this come up on my computer asking me to delete a" exe" file
I understood that these files should not be deleted, Is this a legitimate site or is it a Spam
. Old Lady requesting only limited Knowledge.

nice_lady, Feb 4, 4:28pm
Please provide specific and exact info regarding the message etc.

r.g.nixon, Feb 4, 4:32pm
Even a screenshot.

nice_lady, Feb 4, 5:02pm
"Is this a legitimate site"

Err. A 'site' is a webpage. Just what exactly Are you experiencing?

duncb, Feb 4, 5:26pm
Can you please tell us the complete message.

sa35, Feb 4, 9:05pm
Had friend ring me said they scan then charge for repair, Bank alerted them that $ 900,00 was identified as possibly a scam did they want to allow this? there were other requests for different amounts
Now how do I stop these messages?

king1, Feb 4, 9:27pm
by responding to post 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Otherwise the best answer I have for you given the limited information - turn off your computer

masturbidder, Feb 4, 9:44pm
See the other recent threads about Windows 10 and hogging resources.
Windows is doing some massive reshuffle that can take slow your PC to a crawl for hours or days.
We are grizzling about it but there is nothing the customer can do. The most helpful suggestion was to replace the hardware and software!

mr-word, Feb 4, 10:22pm
Is it Windows defender asking you to delete a specific exe file?
I have noticed high cpu usage and memory spikes in taskmanager when loading the trademe webpage in google chrome. Maybe some of trademe's ad network is infected.

sa35, Feb 5, 9:33am
See latest post with info
Under this File Location :-c/program files (x86) winzipmaalware protector
Pup Name W32 hfsadware.ef70
This is all greek to me!

sa35, Feb 5, 9:37am
Message :- Reimage Malware found
winzipmalware protector.exe detected as a potentially unwanted program
Click OK to remove from Computer

sa35, Feb 5, 9:39am
Sorry do not know how to do screenshot see one of messages I have typed thanks for that

black-heart, Feb 5, 9:41am
Yeah thats something you should click ok to.
then download a free malware scanner like one of the following.

The last one I haven't used myself but has been recommended elsewhere.

exwesty, Feb 5, 10:37am
Recommended as a scam, get new friends, it also has an affiliate program to pays you to get others to recommend the shit.

suicidemonkey, Feb 5, 11:25am
Call a computer technician to look at the computer.

And never let a "friend" who isn't a professional do anything to your computer.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 11:29am
100 % agree with that.
Your friends, neighbours, relatives can be your worst enemy when it comes to computers and you'll most likely end up having to call a real tech anyway.

black-heart, Feb 8, 5:01am
Actually it was the website of the creator of the great program (in XP days) called combofix. However I do agree with you now that I've used it, its scammy rubbish that every other AV vendor has blocked the download, or URL of. SO please don't try plumbytes malware scan its rubbish.

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