Doro smart phones

rpvr, Jul 24, 10:19pm
Are they available in NZ? Which retailer would have them? Apparently they are good for seniors, and possibilities are the 8040 or the Doro Liberto 820 mini. Doro NZ don't seem to answer emails.

suicidemonkey, Jul 24, 10:22pm
A quick Google search doesn't show any NZ retailers that stock them.

mark.p, Jul 24, 10:39pm
Look like they were tied in with vodaphone some how.

rpvr, Jul 25, 8:14am
Yes, my partner asked vodafone if they could recommend a smart phone for seniors, and they recommended Doro but said they didn't stock them. Suggested trying Noel Leeming but no luck.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 8:25am
According to PriceSpy this is about the only model available here:

I'm not too sure you could call it a 'smart phone' either.
More info:

With the Doro 6520 you'll enjoy easier calling, messaging, picture taking and more thanks to widely separated, high contrast keys and a large 2.8" screen. It also combines great sound with soft touch coating and many additional features including e-mail, web browser, Assistance button and HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility).
See eveything easier on a bigger screen
Enjoy extra loud and clear sound
Feel more secure with Assistance button

nice_lady, Oct 7, 7:57am

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