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brummoi, Jul 31, 8:45am
Looking to finally replace my old ipad2 that runs like a dog despite a factory reset, and would love to hear your recommendations. Happy to go Android. Will be used for email, YouTube, browsing, etc.

vtecintegra, Jul 31, 10:02am
The most basic 9.7" iPad is the best value for money tablet available IMO

ceebee2, Jul 31, 11:05am
I am very happy with my Samsung tablet but having said that I also have used my sisters iPad and also find it very good.

acura, Aug 3, 6:31pm
I'll never go ipad again - as you have found out apple cripples their product forcing you to upgrade to a later model. With an android Tab you wont need to upgrade if you don't want to - and even if you do upgrade it doesn't seem to affect it much.
The wife has a galaxy Tab A and my old man has a Tab S2. The S class is always nicer.

vtecintegra, Aug 3, 6:43pm
I've had the opposite experience - software updates kill cheap Android devices dead in a couple of years (assuming they get any) whereas iPads are generally okay for much longer

ianab, Aug 3, 6:55pm
We've have a good run with our 2 Samsung Tab A 8" units.

You can get them for 300 and something $, and they seem to work fine. I would avoid the real bottom end ones, they will have had to cut something to get them cheap enough, but I refuse to pay the Apple fanboy tax when the Samsung works fine for 1/2 the price.

SIL insists on buying the kids Ipads, so we have a couple of those as well. The kids don't care which one they use, and I prefer the Android as it's more like my Samsung phones.

joanie04, Aug 3, 7:03pm
My daughter and I have had ipad minis for at least five years and do issues. The same goes for our Dell laptops.

gammelvind, Aug 3, 7:14pm
Ipad all the way for us, my wife and I both have iPads, never any issues. Yes the ipad2 did go too slow and eventually became too slow, but no differently than any other PC etc does.

acura, Aug 3, 8:22pm
Probably going to get into IOS vs Android debate soon. can't be assed.

suicidemonkey, Aug 3, 8:29pm

comsolve, Aug 3, 8:34pm
Samsung. I have a TabS2 9.7" with LTE.

acura, Aug 3, 8:39pm
Way to go to make a point.

jon9, Aug 4, 1:36am
Hahaha the OP has a 7 year old tablet that still works and is supported. Let me know if your Samsung tablets even work when they are 7 years old. They barely get updates after the 1st 24 months

nice_lady, Aug 4, 6:24am
Why wouldn't the hardware 'even work' as you say ? Devices don't necessarily become U/s when they're older. Hubby has a 2013 Nexus tablet , (wifi model). It still works pretty well but of course is stuck on android 6. Still ok though, (theres custom ROMs which will enable you to update to 7.1.1 Nougat ). A new tablet would undoubtably be nicer but he hardly uses it anyway so theres no need. And yes it's a known fact that Apple were deliberately slowing down their older Tablets and Iphones without telling their customers. When they finally got pinged for that they issued an update to reverse that process. It was all to do with battery saftey - supposedly.

acura, Aug 4, 11:18am
Did you completely overlook this bit "ipad2 that runs like a dog despite a factory reset"? What part of that sounds like it's usable? . and i know what i'm talking about having pad the exact problem with an ipad2 - basically a paperweight by the time i got rid of it.

vtecintegra, Aug 4, 12:14pm
The Nexus 7 is the exception rather than the rule - a cheapo Samsung model from back then would be stuck on Android 4.x which is not usable these days(no support for modern SSL)

Also Apple were slowing down the iPhone 6/6S when the batteries were too worn to run the phone. On Android phones with the same problem you'd get early shutdowns instead (phone would die with like 25% remaining, stuff like the Nexus 6P and other Huawei models were notorious for this). This never applied to any iPad model.

popz, Aug 4, 1:18pm
Just my thoughts.Had an ipad for several years,ipad3 I think. Brilliant in its time,wonderful photos and videos. Last upgrade stuffed it a lot.Use it a lot for newspaper reading. Latest websites with their flash technology crash it a lot now.Herald getting as bad now. Have several other ones, dont go near cheap Android ones of the Chinese variety. Bought a Windows 10 book off "One day".the type where you can seperate the screen from the keyboard, refurbished for $179.Rather good too. Mini Mac,large screen and good keyboard my main go too computer now. Just over $1000 all up. Just going on to third upgrade, "Nevada," handles them all perfectly. Apple ipod {retirement present} size of a cell phone very handy too for overseas trips.

vtecintegra, Aug 4, 1:33pm
Yeah the iPad 3 was kind of a dud - it was the first one with a high res screen but Apple didn't add enough processing power to run it properly

sw20, Aug 4, 2:52pm

1day had a deal a few months ago for 32GB iPad4 for about $280 if you wanted something cheap.

Otherwise get the new 9.7" iPad for $550?

acura, Aug 4, 4:23pm
The next TUI ad!

jon9, Aug 7, 8:36am

gammycontent, Aug 7, 8:48am
I have a Microsoft Surface Pro. Remove the keyboard and its a great tablet. Leave the keyboard on makes it easier for watching media.

vtecintegra, Sep 29, 6:08am
It was done so Apple wouldn't have to replace the batteries under warranty (which makes Apple look even worse IMO)

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