taurus2005, Sep 5, 11:54am
A few of my friends have dropped Sky and have got the above box for movies and sports. Anyone on here have this type of set up? My family is sports crazy so we need to be able to watch sports but Sky is just too expensive compared to these other new things out there. Thanks.

king1, Sep 5, 12:31pm
I presume they will be kodi boxes and somewhat less than legal tv streams,
There has been several threads on here about these lately

read some reviews on that particular one.

gyrogearloose, Sep 5, 12:47pm
Yes - your friends have this kind of setup. Go round and ask them to show you how it works.

taurus2005, Sep 5, 2:21pm
Thank you King1, I saw this review thats why I asked.

ravi2, Sep 7, 11:33pm

suicidemonkey, Sep 8, 12:49am
I would use a legal streaming service like Netflix rather than screwing over the content creators completely.

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