Wireless 4G-700 band.

hulloitsme, May 30, 4:48am
At the present, I'm on 3G rural to the local cell tower about 10 K's away line of site. I have a roof antenna and get 3 bars reception with a Huawai Vodafone modem.
I can also pick up 4G-700 from a tower about 50 K's away, but only 1 bar of 3 bars reception, which might be better if the antenna is realigned.
My question is, is 1 bar reception on 4G-700 going to perform better than 3 bar on 3G? I can't test the 4G as my login is restricted to 3G. My gut feeling is the 4G could be a bit dicey at that low signal strength.

shinedog, May 30, 7:58am
4g would be better but not at that distance, stick with 3g, however if you have line of sight with the 4g tower, your outdoor antenna could pick up 3 bars

zl1vbt, Jun 3, 10:33pm
1 bar is not going to cut it, while wcdma ( 4g ) has no theoretical range limitation the more people that use it the less range it will have.
Sorry to say but you are probably better off with 3G.
If you do have a go at 4G you will need 2 antenna's ( use 700MHz Yagi not log periodic antenna ) as 4G uses Mimo. Have fun

hulloitsme, Nov 15, 2:57am
Thanks for the comments.

I have TS220971- Top Signal Yagi 700MHz -> 2700MHz Wide Band Log Periodic Yagi antenna which is claimed to be OK for 4G LTE 700MHz ?

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