Problems Google+ On Android Tablet

magus, Apr 15, 10:38am
Hi. I have an older Acer Android Tablet. Model B1-710 with android 4.1.2 on it. It is a good little tablet but lately i have been having issues with Google+ on it. I never even use the app but it seems to be part of the OS.

I keep on getting an error message:
Reinstall Google+
An error occured during the installation of Google+. Please uninstall the app and then install it again.

Firstly i cant fully uninstall Google+ only the updates. when i do this and try and disable app it keeps on coming up with the same above error msg.
Is annoying. Wondering if the OS is getting to old for the latest Google+.
Wish i could get rid of Google+ entirely as never use it. I do use google play and gmail though. Any help would be appreciated.

peanuts37, Apr 15, 11:09am
Try settings, storage, cached data and clear it. Restart tablet.

magus, Dec 21, 5:10am
Tried that. Works for a while but error msg persists on startup.

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