Custom PSU cables?

nzoomed, Jun 20, 11:58am
Does anyone do these in NZ?
Ive got a silverstone modular PSU and i got the short cable kit but the connector on the sata cable i want to use had the connector in the wrong place for the HDD to line up, so I thought I could carefully remove the connector off the cable and place it further down to reach the second HDD.
Unfortunately it does not seem to make good contact after pushing the connector on the wire a second time and the slightest touch can stop the drive from spinning.

I can see you can get the connectors overseas, i dont think they are really designed to be used more than once and its possible there is a special tool to punch the wires down in much the same way as you do with a cat5 termination block.

let me know if anyone can help.
If i had molex crimping tool i could do it easily enough, but is not worth the bother and expense to do just one cable.

boby11, Nov 2, 8:56pm
Buy a molex plug from RS,it will come with new connectors which can be pushed into the socket after the wires are connected by using pliers

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