Dark Gray/ Purple Address Bar on Ipad Air

johnhb, Jun 7, 7:12pm
I have the above on my ipad air 2 and cant seem to get rid of it. Neither do i know where it came from! Have visited Apple ?

spyware, Jun 7, 7:21pm
What version of iOS does it run?

king1, Jun 7, 7:22pm
Bit melodramatic.

sounds like your in private mode

johnhb, Jun 7, 8:34pm
Sorry king1. Wasn?

mcdaff, Jun 7, 10:44pm
When you open the Safari browser the tabs button (2 square boxes on top of each other) are at the top right hand corner, just under the battery indicator icon. Tap on it and your tabs will all show in the one screen. In the same right hand corner will be the Private button. Tapping it should turn Private browsing off. It used to be down the bottom of the Safari browser so if you haven't updated for years you might have to look there.

johnhb, Jun 16, 3:36pm
Thanks for the clear message mcdaff, but still stymied. Found the tabs button and opened all the screens but cant see any button that looks like it might be a "private" button (not that I'd have the first clue about what a "private" button looks like anyway. but there's nothing there that remotely looks like it might if I did! ) Absolutely NOTHING at the bottom of the screen so.
Just out of interest, what AM I looking for (i.e. what shape or whatever is the "Private Button"? ).
Thanks again for your patience- I really mean that. I might write to them suggesting they put letters in these things (e.g. a "P" signifies the Private Button, and a "T" for the Tabs button, etc. etc.)

nice_lady, Jun 16, 4:10pm

Theres lots of info on this page, and some about private browsing . Take a look it might help.

jon9, Jun 16, 9:09pm
If you have opened all the tabs in the top right is three options private a plus sign and done.

Click private and it should revert from dark grey to light grey

johnhb, Jun 18, 12:43pm
Just "got it" (talk about the bleeding obvious!) The private icon is the facemask thing.Tap it- goes dark= private. Tap again- goes white= not private!

Problem solved. Thanks to all. Dark grey/ purple stuff all gone! Wish life could be that easy.

vtecintegra, Nov 3, 7:06pm
So in other words it wasn't an 'unsolicited & unwanted intrusion' at all, it was simply a setting that you turned on.

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