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arabelle, Jul 22, 4:32am
I have a CD/DVD of some radiology scans and cant work out how to get them to work on my computer.
I dont know what information to give, except to say its a PC windows 10 and Im a neophyte regarding computer information. so will answer the necessary questions if I can when I know what they are.

nice_lady, Jul 22, 6:38am
So what EXACTLY happens when you click these files ?

perfectimages, Jul 22, 9:05am
I have a copy of my scans too but have found out that they can only be opened in the medical program that created them (or something similar) which is not available to the general public. Perhaps that same situation applies to yours?

nice_lady, Jul 22, 9:13am
What file type are they?

arabelle, Jul 22, 9:31am
OK I stick the disc into the coffee cup holder and it hums then Im given the options for dodonic176010
so either launch pad
import dropbox
openfolder file explorer
I used Open folder and that brings up new screen, telling me there are 16 files on the DVD
ranging from 1KB to PmsDView.exe of 78,162KB
I double click that and getr the box saying set registry key
HKLM\software\m'soft\.NET framework\Install Root to point to the .NET framework install.
and of course I cant
To perfectimages the hospital/clinic has to supply copies of ones clinical records that CAN BE read by the patient. on normal systems. That is the law

arabelle, Jul 22, 9:32am
I have previous copy of scans and they will work on my computer. BTW this one is totally different

arabelle, Jul 22, 9:35am
Oh and YES I asked THREE times for the registrar I saw to show me my scans and explain things, she refused by ignoring my request. so I now have had both my brain tumour and pancreatic pre tumours diagnosed but ignored by the system, with absolutely NO explanation of what exactly is going on. They are not simple things that I can expect my GP to explain and yes I was in the health field so know the basics. I was wanting to sort things out and ask help from overseas

mark.p, Jul 22, 9:36am

gyrogearloose, Jul 22, 9:50am
That executable is the viewer you need, and I've got two suggestions:

- copy that PmsDView.exe to your harddrive, and then doubleclick it to try and run it from your harddrive rather than running it from the DVD.

- if it still doesn't run, follow the article on this page to set the registry value and fix the error that is being reported (there is no download, you need to type it in):

mark.p, Jul 22, 9:59am
Just for anyones info Google Chrome also has a DICOM viewer extension for viewing files

arabelle, Jul 22, 12:36pm
Thank you all for your responses I used the one I thought I was able to understand most which was Mark.p's first but will do the google chrome one for another day as the radiology cafe one only works for a month then they want money.
was able to work out the scan, thank you
gyrogearloose I shall have a go at what you have written but sadly I dont really understand the instructions as I dont know how to copy to harddrive. but will read the link you have given me.
I shall need to put on my big girl panties first as such things terrify me

mark.p, Jul 22, 12:47pm
Good to see the links are helpful.

Do you have a computer savy friend who might be able to help with the registry thing?

nice_lady, Jul 22, 12:47pm
Its ridiculously simple:

Stuff the cd into the drive. Open the cd so you can 'look inside it'
Half size that box.

Make a new folder on the desktop
Use mouse and left click and hold the left mouse button down while you drag over all the files in the cd so they highlight.
Release mouse button
Then place mouse over those files and right click one time. hold button down. drag files over to the new folder you made. let go mouse. left clik 'copy here'.

nice_lady, Jul 22, 12:49pm
left click and drag to highlight the files you want to copy
right click and drag to where you want to copy the files to
left click and 'copy here' to - well - copy here lol

really easy

mark.p, Jul 22, 1:00pm
Highlight files cntr-C
Move mouse pointer to new folder cntr-V

nice_lady, Jul 22, 1:21pm
That too.

emmerson1, Jul 23, 1:17am
I'm pretty sure that Windows 3 or 3.1 used to come with a tutorial to take people through the basics. Shame sometimes that all the engineers, UI experts and Help people are all twelve.

Do you have . I see that there is a SeniorNet group in your locality; here is a link to some information about help that you can double-click on.

arabelle, Jul 23, 8:26am
I do know copy and paste, but didnt know what and where to.
Ive managed to 'see' the necessary, and thank you all for your responses. Im going to try to expand my abilities.
My biggest gripe is that I just get to understand the windows Im using and they change, I had 7 all under control and then along comes 10 and its totally different.

nice_lady, Jul 23, 9:27am
Yeah well changes of system functionalities aside it's supposed to be only Windows 10 from now on. Doesn't mean Microsoft wont bring in serious changes along the way with their infamous updates.

mark.p, Oct 9, 4:54pm
Yeah they took a perfectly good set up and bugger it up. Should've taken cues from Apple. Doesn't help that a new release is pushed out to the public every 6 months.

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