Permanently Deleting Obsolete Gmail Address

johnhb, Jun 2, 9:22pm
I want to use Google documents, Gmail and Google Calendar effectively, starting with getting rid of an unwanted & obsolete email address.

I have a VERY old, now redundant and never used email address associated with a Gmail account from many years ago. I'm traveling in the near future and decided I need a reliable online email process, and Gmail and Google Calendar are very convenient. But- and here's the rub- if I do I'll be saddled with a totally obsolete google mail address that I neither want nor ever use.

Can anyone please tell me how I could convince google that I want to get rid of the thing before it seriously compromises things? Just a basic delete is all I'm after? And yes, I have attempted to contact google which resulted in a few half-hearted suggestions only form sympathetic bystanders. Any concrete means exist for dispensing with redundant info on google?

supernova2, Jun 2, 9:27pm
maybe I'm missing something but what's stopping you from just starting a new Google account and forgetting about the old one?

black-heart, Jun 2, 9:47pm
You're google account is google drive, photos, and email all in one they cannot, and certainly would not start separating the parts & reconnecting them to new accounts.

trad, Jun 9, 1:37pm
My understanding is that you just add a new email address to the old account and use it and not the old email address.

jeffm13, Jun 10, 4:24pm
I once deleted my Gmail account, circa 2014. Back then it worked - I had Google services but not the email. It was bouncing any email sent to it.

venta, Jun 10, 5:36pm
You can have a number of gmail addresses. Why not create a new gmail address and use that for all future emailing. Forget about the old address. What is so wrong with your old gmail address, that you don't want to use it ?

rayonline_tm, Nov 8, 7:42am
If you go to my account (top right where your logo is), you can "delete a google service" and select Gmail. You may wanna double check thou. You also say you wanna continue using Gmail . presumably with a diff email addy.

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