Chromeca Google Earth

johnhb, Mar 18, 4:56pm
Trying to chromecast google earth to TV (to use Streetview) from iPhone but cannot find the appropriate icon on Chrome with which to do this. Anyone have any luck with doing this?

black-heart, Mar 18, 5:30pm
use the chrome browser?

johnhb, Mar 18, 6:32pm
Yes- I'm using the Chrome browser but as I say, I can't find any icon on that browser to cast Google Earth?

king1, Mar 18, 6:45pm

johnhb, Mar 18, 7:01pm
Thanks king1. It says: ' At this time, it's not possible to cast a tab from Chrome for Mobile. This includes the Chrome browser on iOS devices'. This appears to be their way of saying no, you can't cast using Chrome and a mobile phone?
But obviously I can (e.g. no problem with YouTube for example). just not Google earth?
Have I got that right?

nice_lady, Mar 18, 7:08pm

From the above page:

"Note: You can't show tabs or screens using Chrome on iPhones and iPads."

So, apparently it's not possible.

king1, Mar 18, 7:11pm
That will be because it is using the youtube app that does support chromecast

suicidemonkey, Mar 18, 7:32pm
Yes only certain apps support Chromecast, especially on iOS.

With many Android phones you can cast the entire screen which is handy.

peanuts37, Jan 7, 4:50pm
Try the Ezcast app on phone to your Chromecast. May work.

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