USB and Ethernet dropping, mobo fault?

vicvic, Jun 17, 6:47pm
I have various issues I think may be due to my motherboard. I sometimes have to cycle USB ports for my external hdd or it just doesn't recognise it, it's not the ports at fault because they all work, I just need to cycle through them. My ethernet connection also drops out sometimes whether I'm doing anything or not, it has to reconnect 2-5 times before it stays connected, other devices are fine when this happens so not a DSL sync issue. The eth ports lights go out when it's down.
My oculus headset also keeps dropping in/out sometimes, usually takes 3-4 mins before it stays connected, or I can either restart or switch USB port to solve it just like the external hdd problem.
Could it be a faulty motherboard?

nice_lady, Jun 17, 6:59pm
Possible. How old is it?

bassmo1, Jun 17, 10:54pm
You may be able to get a feel for the problem by (win 10), right click the start icon, computer management, event viewer, windows logs, system. Pinpoint that time things happens and look up the error codes in google.

ross1970, Jun 17, 11:57pm
Boot a live linux usb or dvd. If probs persist it's hardware, If they don't it's your original os.

lucky.gadgets, Jun 18, 12:59pm
Under power options in windows control panel, try disabling 'USB selective suspend'

black-heart, Nov 3, 6:40am
most likely motherboard, if it was only USB perhaps a dud device plugged in, but ethernet is not dependant on USB, potentially the power supply is giving the wrong voltage, but it seems rather unlikely.

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