I'm needing a laptop, can i please have

vtecintegra, Mar 7, 10:59am
Depends on what it ends up going for.

sue193, Mar 7, 11:02am
True, but 1, is it a good computer and 2, what about the white marks?

king1, Mar 7, 11:23am
12 inch is pretty small, i would also ask for a better description/photo of the marks, you cant really tell these from shadows and reflections in the photos

sue193, Mar 7, 12:24pm
I will do that. 12 inch is small I hadn't noticed that. Thanks

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 12:50pm
14" might suit many people. 15.4" is most common.

vtecintegra, Mar 7, 1:11pm
15.6 is what is commonly used now

Those smaller Surface Pro clones are surprisingly usable though as they have clear, high resolution screens and are a narrower but taller aspect ratio which gives much more display are than a widescreen laptop with a 12?

nice_lady, Mar 7, 2:30pm
$40 with reserve met and those specs - that's a bloody good price indeed !

lythande1, Mar 8, 4:29pm
Acer. shudder.

black-heart, Mar 8, 4:54pm
all second hand tech is a gamble. I wouldn't go crazy bidding on it.

nice_lady, Mar 8, 5:11pm
You wouldn't need to - at that price and passed the reserve already it's a bargain as long as it runs.

black-heart, Mar 8, 7:48pm
seller has good feedback, but with 57 watchers, I doubt the current price will be indicative of the final price. We should take bets on the final price. a custard square says its over $80.

nice_lady, Mar 8, 7:50pm
A virtual choc fish to me when it exceeds $140. If it doesn't then someone else can get the fish.

black-heart, Mar 9, 8:57am
I take it, we aren't bidding ourselves to rig the bet, and ruin the OP's chances of obtaining a bargain.

kacy5, Mar 9, 9:49am
Had years of trouble free use from my Acer, been a great machine.

nice_lady, Mar 9, 10:05am
Lol hell no. Got enough computers.

muppet_slayer, Mar 9, 7:03pm
My bet is it will go over $120

gibler, Mar 9, 7:06pm
Acer == no go for me.

duncb, Mar 9, 7:27pm
I reckon it will go for over $200.

black-heart, Mar 9, 7:27pm
people that don't like acers are a bit precious. It's be like not wanting an HP because you got burned with a pavilion in the 90's, or 2000's, or 2010's. (ok, just avoid pavilions).
Some acer laptops have 4 year warranty as standard. If you buy cheap rubbish regardless of brand it will probably not last long, and be slow the whole time aswell.
Dick smith aren't around to sell clueless people acer e-machines anymore so you can come out from your bunkers

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 11:33am
Cough: https://www.dicksmith.co.nz/dn/buy/acer-156-aspire-es-celeron-n3450-4gb-ram-500gb-hdd-windows-10-notebook-nxgftsa015-c77-acer/

Anyway I agree, low end stuff is going to be mostly garbage regardless of brand

alpha111, Mar 12, 7:46pm

vtecintegra, Mar 12, 7:48pm
That went for about half of what I?

black-heart, 4 days, 23 hours
lol, thats a crack up! at least people can't walk into dick smith shops and be tempted, they have to search it on the internet.

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