newtec1, Dec 16, 10:43pm
I need a new monitor,any ideas of what to avoid or what to buy in the 24" range.Cheers

vtecintegra, Dec 17, 11:20am
I'd go for something with an IPS panel as these give better viewing angles and colour reproduction and no longer cost too much more. 1920x1080 is pretty much standard, while you can get higher res panels they are quite a bit more expensive and probably not worth it. Definitely don't go lower than 1920x1080 though

As for brands don't worry too much AOC, LG, Philips, Dell, Acer etc are all fine

There are a couple of extra things to consider though:
- Connections - make sure you have the correct type to plug whatever device(s) in that you will want to use. In general HDMI is fairly standard nowadays but a lot of business systems use DisplayPort instead which will require an adapter of some sort to use with an HDMI on monitor
- Stands - cheaper models tend to skimp on the stands so often you'll get a flimsy wobbly one without any sot of height adjust. This may or may not be important to you (you can always prop it up with a phonebook or buy a desk mount) but it's worth considering.

nice_lady, Dec 17, 11:24am
Often wondered about the much hyped 'viewing angles'. Seriously - how often do you view your monitor/device screen at an acute angle ? Never ?

vtecintegra, Dec 17, 11:27am
That isn't the point - on a cheap TN panel the viewing angles can be so bad that you get noticeable colour shift between the middle and edges on the display even when looking at it straight on.

IPS completely eliminates this problem for basically no extra money these days and it's downsides (worse black levels and higher response times) aren't an issue for normal usage.

wasgonna, Dec 17, 11:39am
Very happy with my 23'' LG IPS LED monitor.

nice_lady, Dec 17, 11:41am
You're kidding me right ? I'm looking at a couple of lcd screens right now at work which are probably 8 or more years old and definitely not any kind of 'fancy' or 'expensive' screens and they're fine.

If someone is making panels now that are so poorly made that the difference between the colours displayed is noticeable even given such tiny changes in viewing angles as seen from 'straight on' to the middle of the screen and without moving your head the angle at the edges of the screen - then wow I'm impressed that they'd be that bad.

mrfxit, Dec 17, 12:35pm
Got a 6 year old bog stock std Acer 23" & it's fine.
I have to put my head on the outer edge of the screen to see any shading on the other side.
Otherwise good.

suicidemonkey, Dec 17, 1:33pm
There are some shocking TN panels still on the market - most of them are on laptops. If you have the option to buy an IPS monitor as opposed to TN, it is totally worth it. TN panels are crap in comparison.

I'm using an HP Probook at the moment which is a great laptop but the screen sucks. Even the smallest change in the angle washes out the colours. Very annoying. But unfortunately still very common. and the same goes for desktop monitors

hayster94, Dec 17, 2:36pm
I had that problem with my old monitor although I have noticed it with other monitors too. Now I'm using a 27" 1440p IPS panel monitor and the difference is night and day, colours are much more vibrant and everything just looks better. I use it for gaming as well and personally I don't notice any additional lag with the higher response time.I would never go back to a tn panel monitor or 1080p either for that matter.

suicidemonkey, Dec 17, 2:58pm
Yep I'm also using a 1440p 27" IPS monitor for my desktop PC. The difference between that and the TN panel on my laptop really is night and day.

vtecintegra, Dec 17, 9:50pm
Yeah some are better than others but given current prices it doesn't make sense to run the risk.

The only reason to choose TN these days is high refresh rate gaming on a budget which is quite a niche market.

newtec1, Dec 17, 10:50pm
Cheers .

jeffm13, Dec 18, 4:03pm
I have had a good experience with my View Sonic 27". In the past I had Panasonic and AOC screens which I regret. AOC had a faulty speaker and the Panasonic caused headaches on PS4 games.

suicidemonkey, Dec 18, 4:17pm
I've also had a couple of bad AOC screens. A mate went through 4 warranty claims in a year with one.

LG, Viewsonic, Samsung, and Dell all seem to be good choices.

jeffm13, Dec 18, 7:35pm
Then there's the brands I'm not familiar with. For example, BenQ sells "gaming monitors" but I have no idea what that company is like. Oliff PCs in Christchurch believe that View Sonic is the most reliable, but View Sonic is not the only good screen of course. I talked to the owner of Oliff PCs and he told me that they once bought heaps of AOC screens because customers said that "cheap" was important. Not good lol.

A 24" View Sonic is about $300-400 usually and that's a good deal for something that won't destroy your eyes, plus View Sonic monitors (my one at least) seem to have power settings and it'll tell you if it's running at 100% power (95 watts) or at 50% power, for example when it's in "text" mode for reading documents (the backlight is reduced).

My AOC had a speaker issue where most of the time it wouldn't work, no matter how much I tweaked settings or drivers. I came to the conclusion that it was defective. I now know that even stuff that's made in China can vary widely.

BTW View Sonic offers a 3 year warranty on some of their monitors (by default) so they are very confident. Just make sure that you trust the shop where you buy it from - if they evaporate, so does your chance of getting quick service!

namtak, Dec 23, 4:56pm
I purchased a ex-lease Dell 24" off Trademe. Great screen, no complaints so far.

vtecintegra, Dec 23, 5:25pm
Viewsonic is one of the cheaper brands - you shouldn't be paying any more than $250 for a 24" 1080p IPS screen from them

jeffm13, 6 days, 23 hours
That's extremely cheap then. I was just taking a stab in the dark with the price range.

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