Which to buy? Iphone 5s or SE

deluxe4u, May 22, 1:19pm
Looking at cell for teenaged daughter, hopefully under $500. Looking at Dick Smith. Should I go for 5s or a SE? She will mainly be using it as a phone, taking photos and streaming Spotify. She has a Mac Air. The current Samsung is dying and obviously doesn't sync to her Air. Which would you choose, or is there something better? Thanks in advance.

suicidemonkey, May 22, 1:36pm
The SE has a better camera, bigger battery and better performance.

vtecintegra, May 22, 3:40pm

deluxe4u, May 22, 3:53pm
Thanks, yes I was looking at N.Leeming and the 6 in grey is only $20 more, but I have one and its quite large, smaller maybe better for her smaller hands :)

vtecintegra, Nov 24, 5:10am
The 6 is older than the SE so don?

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