Google earth problems

catsmeat1, Sep 7, 6:01pm
Hi, visiting my 88 year old father and overnight his google earth has changed to google earth pro and now does not work. Presume I need to uninstall and do a new download? Google searth tells me others having problems with this automatic update/upgrade from google.

catsmeat1, Sep 7, 6:24pm
Interesting just turned on my lappy, it also updated overnight to google earth pro, mine works though. Dad's has greated an error report for Google, it is a *.dmp file so I am not sure if I have anything I can use to open it and read it?

r.g.nixon, Sep 7, 6:35pm
Look in Task Manager. Kill off any instances of Google Earth you see. Then start it again. You will possibly get a message that there was a problem, and will be offered repair options. That happened to me today. Clearing it's cache was the fix for me.

catsmeat1, Sep 7, 6:44pm
Thanks you very much - that was a successful fix.

kerryalan, Sep 8, 2:51pm
Google Earth Pro has a fantastic satellite view of the hurricane near Florida at the moment.

r.g.nixon, Sep 9, 1:01am
Wow, that's great! I don't usually have the cloud layer on.

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