Mechanical keyboard for average user?

vicvic, Aug 30, 6:35pm
Is there any advantage for a non-gamer? I'm leaning towards buying a new membrane keyboard as I heard mechanical keyboards are quite loud. Am I missing anything if membrane works fine for me?

vtecintegra, Aug 30, 6:44pm
Purely a matter of preference.

As for noise that's dependent on the switches used and the construction of the keyboard. I use a Ducky One with brown switches at work and haven't had anyone complain (it's only loud if you bottom it out)

suicidemonkey, Aug 30, 10:40pm
No you're not missing anything. I went to a mechanical gaming keyboard recently and tbh it didn't improve the general keyboard using experience. just a bit louder.

vicvic, Aug 30, 11:26pm
that's what I was worried about, guess I'll look for another membrane, thanks.

vtecintegra, Aug 31, 6:41am
I find mine much more pleasant to type on than a membrane which tend to get pretty awful feeling after a few months of use.

Otherwise you could look at something like this it uses similar switches to a good laptop keyboard and will stay nice for much longer than a membrane based board. Expensive though (although I think there is a cheaper one without the fingerprint reader available too)

mrfxit, Aug 31, 5:27pm
Mechanical keyboards are only needed for super fast contact response times.
If you don't need instant split second response, then you are wasting your money spending up large on 1.
Get a decent branded membrane k/b that "feels" good for you & your finger tips & joints will love you for it.
So will anybody sitting near you.

mrfxit, Aug 31, 5:30pm
I have ex office HP membrane keyboards here that have done many many hours & still function perfectly.
Keys so badly worn that the letters/numbers have worn off & keys/ bars have all gone smooth.
Still working perfectly.

selvath, Aug 31, 10:28pm
Mechnical keyboards were for normal users before they were for gamers - I feel like they're just a better quality/longer lasting method of key switching over membraine keyboards.

Personally I much prefer the tactile feel of a mechanical over a membrane keyboard and I also feel like they age a little better especially after a year or so when the keys start to not travel as easily in their plasic groves (I use a cheap logitech on my test rig and the keys have to be pressed in a certain way or they feel like they jam)

Go into a shop and try some out, don't knock it till you've tried it - I have a reds, my flatemate in the next room has a blues and I dont hear him typing unless I actively focus on it.

mrfxit, Aug 31, 10:48pm
I have access to a huge assortment of k/b's in my business & without exception, mechanical boards feel clunky BUT some of the cheaper membrane boards just don't feel right either.
Most consistently good k/b I have ever found has been the black & silver HP business k/b & the next model on total black board.

vtecintegra, Sep 1, 10:17am
Each to their own, but those are the mushy things that drove me to go to mechanical in the first place - they just wear out so quickly (you can notice by inconsistent key weightings between the keys you use a lot and the keys you don't)

babcorp, Sep 1, 2:29pm
I've been using a Logitech G910 keyboard (romer-g keys), and while at first it felt a bit odd, it has remained solid and reliable for the last couple of years and it'll probably last me a lifetime.

hayster94, Sep 3, 9:36pm
Mechanical keyboards feel so much better to use. I would honestly never buy a membrane keyboard ever again. They're not just great for gaming but typing is much better. The overall experience is just much more tactile and responsive which you want for typing anyway. I'm using mx blue switches. They are definitely louder but there are different switches available if you want it to be quieter.

hakatere1, Sep 6, 9:47am
Can't seem to nail down a 2 way power button keyboard again. Not even on ebay.

north_curve, Sep 11, 11:52am
I'm a software developer and have been using a Logitech G610 mechanical keyboard daily for a few years now, I jumped on another machine the other day with a membrane keyboard and it was awful, the difference is night and day, it just felt like junk (it was quite an expensive Logitech) and was very difficult to type on as I had to press the keys dead center or they would stick. Felt very strange.

I'm sure there could be decent membrane keyboards out there but in my experience they just feel cheap and wear out quickly, while my mechanical still feels like new after years of constant typing.

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