Best Family History Software to buy

clair4, Dec 23, 7:54pm
Not sure if this is where I ask, but I want to start my family tree and would like to purchase some software. Thanks

exwesty, Dec 23, 10:20pm
You'd be better off asking the question in the genealogy message board.

r.g.nixon, Dec 23, 10:43pm
Legacy is good. Start with the free version. Upgrade only if needing the extra features.

clair4, Dec 24, 8:02am
Thanks exwesty. I did not see that site.

farwest, Dec 24, 8:06am
I use a free program called Gramps.

newbie5, Dec 24, 10:24am
the software might be free but you still have to pay for access to the geneology site

nzoomed, Dec 24, 11:01am

guyh, Mar 13, 5:58am is another good one. I have been using it for a few years now, but it can get very costly if you want to get all the info they send you, but they seem to forget that there is more places on Earth than the US!

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