Casting Internet to Big Screen TV

johnhb, May 6, 7:00pm
Help please with how to cast (have chromecast on iphone) to tv/ Sony Bravia. Can do so easily with YouTube aps and Google Photos but i understand may be possible to use alternative apps such as EZCast or Momocast or similar to cast the net to the TV. These seem to get to a certain point then stop. Is this online casting possible using apple products (iPhone or iPad) rather than android devices or phones?.

black-heart, May 6, 7:04pm
Sounds like you want to use screen mirror and an apple tv.
You might be able to get google chrome, as an app, I don't know its its fully featured in regards to ios and casting.

johnhb, May 6, 7:27pm
I think I've found the solution - Momocast will allow me to cast ONE screen before the message enquiring as to whether i want to PURCHASE a subscription! I guess it was too good to be true even if you do get used to having FREE internet. hmmm.

vtecintegra, May 6, 8:04pm
Why should everything be free? If you want to do screen mirroring on an iPhone/Pod/Pad then you?

peanuts37, May 6, 10:04pm

johnhb, May 7, 11:41am
Thanks peanuts37- EZCast doesnt work (or at least not from my iphone 6 anyway). Thanks for the thought though.

vtecintegra- everything doesn't necessarily always have to be free- BUT- the fact is a lot of it is and I prefer to evaluate/ try these options (to see if they work) before I shell out hard earned money to someone overseas that I'll probably never see again when the product fails- which in my experience is most of the time (e.g. with EZCast). Just about impossible to backtrack at that point.

Anyway- who WOULDN'T go for the free option if they can? Just human nature & downright sensible in my opinion!

peanuts37, Dec 5, 2:44am
Scroll down the page you will find 'version history', try an earlier version. May work.

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