A face book problem

dellboy2, Mar 16, 9:11am
Hi firstly I'm not a very computor literate person! but we do rely a bit on face ache for some customer bookings. This morning on trying to reply to an enquiry. entered our reply as normal in the 'reply box' but unable to send it. the mouse arrow doesn't change to the 'finger/hand' to enable reply to be sent. any ideas? Cheers

r.g.nixon, Mar 16, 9:29am
I would copy the reply to the clipboard; refresh the page; paste the reply in again, and see if it will send.

dellboy2, Mar 16, 9:42am
Hi, just tried that. nope! Also have restarted FAce book a few times. nope! Have just found out, can't reply or 'chase money' from a different client either. Cheers

black-heart, Mar 16, 11:02am
try another browser, if your using chrome, try firefox

dellboy2, 6 days, 23 hours
It's just 'fixed itself' don't know how. but now doing as it should. Cheers

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