Internet radio ?

fishb8, Feb 19, 8:08am
I'm thinking of buying an internet radio.
Do these radios use your home wifi to connect.
Just for use in our kitchen which seems plagued with interference issues.
Any recommendations?

gyrogearloose, Feb 19, 8:39am
Yes, I believe they do.

Pricespy lists a few:

nice_lady, Feb 19, 8:40am
they have to connect somehow.

fishb8, Feb 19, 2:26pm
But home wifi on unlimited is way better than a sim connection?

nice_lady, Feb 19, 2:44pm
Well yeah. You'd only want 3/4G connection, (as you call it a 'sim' connection), if you were away somewhere you couldn't get your wifi sorted. A 'sim' connection, or as they're more often known a 'data' connection runs off celltower signals and uses data. Data is not cheap, well it's getting cheaper but your wifi runs off your home connection, Adsl, Fibre, Whatever and is MUCH cheaper.

2bakerz, Feb 23, 6:20pm
Very interested in this post as I too have lots of static on radio stations. It's ok for main radio which is hooked up to an aerial on the roof, but the one I listen to on and off during the night is terrible. Would like to know what you purchased fishb8 and how it worked

suicidemonkey, Feb 24, 1:06am
I'd personally buy a good bluetooth speaker and use a smartphone or tablet to stream radio. there are countless apps available for pretty much every radio station.

2bakerz, Feb 24, 8:24am
Yes the bluetooth option was suggested to me, but with a radio I can reach out in the dark and simply turn the dial to select an alternative station without turning on a light. the beauty of the old fashioned sometimes!

vtecintegra, Feb 24, 9:43am
Probably not with an 'internet radio' though - those generally don't use dials for station selection

nzdoug, Feb 24, 9:59am
Most cellfones can be plugged into sound systems with an audio cable or bluetooth.
Even local stations often sound better thru digital systems.

suicidemonkey, Feb 24, 2:37pm
I'm not sure if internet radios do that.

tmenz, Feb 24, 4:36pm
Are you listening to AM or FM stations?
A good FM radio shouldn't be troubled by interference in a reasonable signal area. That's the beauty of the FM system.
Whereas AM is plagued by all sorts of interference from the proliferation of electronic and digital devices and is largely useless in this day and age.
If it is FM and you're in a marginal coverage area, then adding a short (750mm) aerial wire to the coaxial aerial input of your radio may help (if it has one).
(Note that the polarization of FM transmissions is 'slant' rather than vertical or horizontal, so your aerial should be inclined at 45°.)

2bakerz, Jan 20, 8:15am
Thanks tmenz - yes the roof aerial is exactly as you describe and works well for the lounge radio. Just really needed to know about the addition of something connecting the aerial on the brm radio (a Sony) up to the roof aerial? Or is that ridiculous? I mainly do listen to FM

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