Vodafone / ihug issue. when receiving GMAIL

beatlebabe, Dec 12, 10:13pm
I had an ihug email address, and for the past 12 months was forwarding mail from this to my gmail address, so when Vodafone cut out their emails I didn't anticpate any issues. Over the last week or so anyone who emails my gmail address has been receiving a message saying that the email wasn't delivered and the ihug email address is mentioned in this message. However, the emails are actually coming through. I am totally confused and have searched all my gmail settings and can find no mention of the old ihug address anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do next? TIA.

suicidemonkey, Dec 12, 10:27pm
Have you gone into "settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses" and made sure nothing is being forwarded?

beatlebabe, Dec 12, 11:03pm
Yes, nothing showing. Thanks for suggestion though.

andrew.t, Dec 14, 1:16pm
Hazarding a guess you in effect had 2 forwards happening, the one you set up ages ago, and the new forward set up for the decommissioning of ihug which, think of it like this, is a setting in a different location to achieve the forward once ihug is no more.
Now that ihug has been decommissioned you are receiving email from the new forward, but the original forward you set up is failing because of the decommissioning of the server, in essence erroring out and hence the ihug address mentioned in the error.
Best send the issue to the techs of ihug/vodafone to sort out.

honeybean, Dec 26, 6:38pm
Even those people that did organise for Vodafone to forward their old email address to a new one are having issues. If you use their old address it just comes back " undeliverable" Which means it is not getting forwarded at all. Just hopeless.

farwest, Dec 26, 6:45pm
Really? My redirect is working fine.

gyrogearloose, Mar 11, 4:46pm
I had an IHUG address, transitioned to Vodafone when they bought IHUG, and when Vodafone hung up their hats I anticipated that the entire email system would be finished.

It's funny that you and I had diametrically opposed anticipations.

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