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theberleymaker, Jul 12, 1:44pm
i am not having much luck finding my upgrade does anyone have a AMD Phenom II X6 for sale i don't mind which one as long as it's better for my kid fortnite i have an amd athlon x4 630 which it's not very good can someone point me in the right direction where i can look cheers

rayonline_tm, Jul 12, 1:58pm
How much do you wanna spend? I don't have that chip but you can get a new chip and board for maybe ~$250. Like an AMD Ryzen 1200G.

r.g.nixon, Jul 12, 1:59pm

rayonline_tm, Jul 12, 3:56pm
Oops that was the AMD Ryzen 2200G. Something also a lot more modern.


theberleymaker, Jul 12, 4:08pm
i have bought this pc from trademe just looking into upgrading the cpu thanks

theberleymaker, Jul 12, 4:20pm
mother board is a ecs-mcp61m-m3-2-0-motherboard it won't support that chip anything between 1035T - 1065T if i can't get a cpu for this board then i will have to change motherboard probably upgrade too i5 since so many parts on trademe at the moment

ianab, Jul 12, 6:38pm
Is it a CPU problem or a graphics card?

Depending on how well the game supports multi core CPU's you might not see a big gain from the extra cores.

But if an old graphics card is holding out back, you might get a decent boost there.

theberleymaker, Jul 12, 7:22pm
Hi thanks for letting me know i have video cards here to try that out i have a gtx 760 and gtx 780 this cpu does meet the minimum requirements for fortnite but not the recommended requirements but you could be right it maybe just be the graphics card i am going to test this when i get home

vtecintegra, Jul 12, 7:36pm
What card is in the system at the moment? That 780 is still respectable so drop that in and see what happens.

rayonline_tm, Jul 12, 7:43pm

theberleymaker, Jul 12, 7:46pm
hd 5770

vtecintegra, Jul 12, 7:56pm
I'd be upgrading that before the CPU

theberleymaker, Jul 12, 8:09pm
ok thanks will get back how it goes thanks

theberleymaker, Jul 13, 4:18pm
i tried the 760 card which made a lil difference but due to having lag spikes now and then i may have to try upgrading you think more ram would make this problem go away or would i still have problems with lag spikes? 4gb is what it's running at the moment!

ianab, Jul 13, 8:32pm
Ram might also help slightly. 4gb is the minimum spec, and the CPU is around min as well. A gt660 is the suggested card, not the minimum, so a 760 shouldn't be a bottleneck.

theberleymaker, Jul 14, 12:24am
upgraded to 8 gigs runs much better and smoother

lythande1, Jul 14, 9:03am
Yuk. ECS.

Upgrade motherboard CPU and RAM, it';s usually best to do the 3 in one go.
And buy a known quality brand, ASUS or Gigabyte for instance.

ira78, Aug 1, 9:44am
Yup, I've never upgraded a CPU on its own. Usually the there's not that big of an increase within the same socket type or what the MB can accept, and it's been long enough there's a couple generations of jumping up to the current CPUs. So, MB/CPU/Ram all at once.

schizoid, Aug 2, 1:51am
when it comes to upgrading, Phenom II x4 955 are reasonably common. $50 or less could be worth it.

harrymay, Aug 2, 7:10am
NOTE: If you're running a Windows operating system upgrading your CPU will force you to have to buy and install Windows 10 or sacrifice future updates past March this year.

Windows 10 comes with heavy telemetry baby sitting and recording your every action and having to sign an agreement that you can never bring legal action against Microsoft for privacy breach.

vtecintegra, Aug 2, 7:13am
That is incorrect.

harrymay, Aug 2, 7:19am
Then correct it.

Notice Mr Facebook is getting ran through courts but absolutely NO ONE is touching MS.

You can't tell the judge 'I didn't sign up for this!' if you installed 10

If you install 10 don't start crying around the webs about how your teenybopper daughter got 'er little cone nips posted all over dark web.

A lot of novice hackers run through the NSA's backdoor left ajar

The best ones, the best one's sit in MS's monitoring centres.

harrymay, Aug 2, 7:26am
I don't think any realizes the scope of agents currently hired by MS for even petty positions like monitoring forum boards for anti-MS hype and then retaliating with posts from ten agents all sitting next to each other pretending to be genuine individual users.

Or the large number of people scoping social media for posts in transit and routing them all together. a lot of those guys are turning up in shrinks offices because they studied and prepared for knowledge of computers and not metaphysics.

ira78, Aug 3, 10:15pm

Since you probably won't click on the link, here it is:

It may be possible to reactivate Windows 10 after a hardware change. To see if you?

black-heart, Oct 1, 3:52am
Hah screw that just buy a $5-$10 new key on ebay.

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