Wireless connection woes

peterd11, Aug 19, 10:31am
Our wireless broadband keeps dropping out -I've tried connecting with an ethernet cable but when it drops out the cable doesn't work either. At the same time when it falls over I can still print wirelessly internally and the Voip phone system remains functioning. Vodafone can't find anything wrong on the line however the drops can be from a few seconds to a few minutes long before connection resumes by itself. Any helpful hints?

spyware, Aug 19, 11:17am
Fibre of VDSL2?

UltraHub, is it a grey thing?

spyware, Aug 19, 11:18am
When you connect your laptop via wire please disable the wifi interface on laptop in some manner.

alpha111, Aug 19, 11:20am
Consumer NZ's Telco survey 31 Jan 2018 states "Vodaphone earned the wooden spoon in all the satisfaction attributes we measure" It has the worst connection speed and reliability of connection and worst customer and technical support. The kings of dropouts!

nice_lady, Aug 19, 11:25am
*Nods* yep that could be confusing the issue.

peterd11, Aug 19, 1:11pm
VDSL - yes, a grey modem. I'll also make sure that the wifi is properly disconnected. Hadn't thought of that one. Thanks.

suicidemonkey, Aug 19, 3:11pm
Yeah I've noticed in Windows 10, it doesn't auto switch from wifi to ethernet when you plug the cable in. Not sure if that's always been the case.

ferrit47, Aug 19, 4:14pm
You shouldnt need a cable being Wifi Though.

nice_lady, Sep 21, 11:53am
Post of the day:

Thats obvious.

However, to state something else that's pretty obvious the OP is trying to ascertain where the problem lies and using a cable to connect when your wifi plays up is a very simple and sensible part of the process of elimination.

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