Which ISP is the better

dave309, Jan 13, 8:22pm
am looking into changing my ISP in conjunction with getting Fibre. I am currently with Vodafone who after nearly 20 year have given me very poor service especially during the past year.
i would appreciate any advice on the above or any other ISP;s

bassmo1, Jan 13, 8:50pm
You are in Christchurch I see, I changed from Vodafone to Spark down here and have not had one complaint since doing so. In Auckland it was the opposite, Vodafone is good up there.

nzdoug, Jan 13, 9:09pm
Its the one that works where you live.

suicidemonkey, Jan 13, 9:18pm
Everyone will give you a different answer based on their own personal experience. There really is no "best ISP".

In my experience, Spark is good, Orcon is not. Some may disagree with me.

joanie04, Jan 13, 10:45pm
I have been trying to sort this out in Hamilton for "the three children". The best deals appear to be if you pay by credit or debit card. They want to make a payment in advance and pay weekly like I do. The power was sorted straight away with the provider we wanted. Looks like Slingshot will be their choice. Orcon my daughter won't touch, MyRepublic and Stuff want payment by a card, Vodafone I don't like. What I also take exception to is trying to sell me something else. They don't also understand I am longing at a new connection.

suicidemonkey, Jan 13, 10:55pm
Every ISP I've ever used has accepted direct debit for monthly payments. You may need to call them rather than signing up online.

trad, Jan 14, 5:37am
Do you want unlimited or not? I have Slingshot fibre, 100gb per month that can carry over, 30mbps download, with landline for $65 per month that I am happy with. Without landline it is $60 per month.

joanie04, Jan 14, 8:10am
Slingshot can give them unlimited ADSL for $59.95pm until fibre is up and running. Then $79.95pm. Until next week when their prices go up. They need to find out if there is an ONT box at the new place first. I have actually rung all the providers. My Republic orginially said they could pay weekly but the person was not sure about through a bank account, when I ran back I was told only by credit or debit card.

tradenow100, Jan 14, 2:58pm

I changed from Vodafone same reason two years ago to Flip.
Have been very happy so far,their services are A1.

Always very prompt reply.

nzdoug, Jan 14, 3:24pm
If you live in an area where there is no ISP service, they all stink.

black-heart, Jan 14, 3:39pm
Spark, vodafone, have outsourced support, and provide bad customer service, with long delays in problem resolution.

I'd recommend voyager.nz, fast and reliable connection & speeds, local support people and fast response to issues.

amasser, Jan 14, 3:55pm
Correct. O/P asked only for 'the better' but did not say of which two. This board would be less than half its size if people didn't post opinions as 'fact'.

dave309, Jan 16, 1:07am
At the moment i'm looking at Spark, Orcon, Slingshot, or Stuff fibre an unlimited plan. I'm in Christchurch where Enable are the fibre line provider

alexdj, Jan 30, 3:02pm
Just check: https://www.broadbandcompare.co.nz/ to find all available deals on the market.

nzkiwisnz, Feb 11, 8:05am

Really happy with the super quick install and performance.

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