Saving an email to documents

flopsie, Aug 31, 10:37am
I have an email which contains a word file, a PDF file and 3 photos.
I have in documents now as 5 separate files, I have tried dragging them all into one but that's not working.
I also tried sending the whole unopened email but you don't get option to save as.
Any suggestions as to how to make one file out of the 5 please.
Using windows 10

king1, Aug 31, 11:00am
just create a new folder and dump them in there.

But if you want to I would suggest start with the word doc, copy and paste the text from the PDF, and the drag photos into the word doc. but it gets messy this way

gyrogearloose, Aug 31, 11:09am
This works for me: right-click on the email and choose 'Save As . Webpage, Complete'.

Then you can open File Explorer, right-click on the HTML file and choose 'Open with . Microsoft Edge'.

I find the other browsers don't open it correctly.

r.g.nixon, Aug 31, 11:59am
Drag the email in. Will save as an .eml file. May depend what email client you use.

wembley1, Aug 31, 1:08pm
I would "print" the email and the photos to PDF files. (There are plenty of free PDF Printers available - such as Cute PDF).

You now have 5 PDF files which can be merged in various ways. There are on-line websites where you upload the files and get a combined one back and it wouldn't surprise me if there were a freeware application as well.

flopsie, Aug 31, 1:32pm
Thanks folks, a few things to try there.

nice_lady, Aug 31, 3:41pm
open email. top left click 'save as'.

flopsie, Sep 1, 9:55am
So simple, thanks for that. Trouble is now to open it it wants me to set up Outlook 2013

r.g.nixon, Sep 1, 10:07am
What is the file extension? There may be a smaller freeware that will open it. Would save you the bloat of using Outlook.

gabbysnana, Sep 1, 10:09am
in email, you should have save attachments, save to the file you want, otherwise open each attachment and save to file, basic stuff.

king1, Sep 1, 10:17am
right click the file -> open with -> choose your existing email program which i'm not sure you've actually mentioned what it is?

This will work for installed desktop programs but if your using the windows mail app i don't think it will

flopsie, Sep 1, 10:41am
That's what I initially set out to do . So I had five files and I couldn't drag them into one. So I opened a new file and put them there. But the new file doesn't respond to the way I set my documents up. I want them in chronological order most recent on top . I worked that out but new file I made is mixed up old stuff and really hard to find. Basic stuff yes. but then that's why I'm here.

flopsie, Sep 1, 10:43am
I should change from livemail to Outlook but that might be a job for the chap that maintains my computer

nice_lady, Sep 14, 2:00pm
Whys it want you to set up outlook 2003?
You obviously already have an email program. Maybe it's not at up as default.

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