Ongoing and Unwanted In ternet Payments

johnhb, Jul 19, 5:00pm
I have just discovered (!) that for some time I have been inadvertently paying some outfit in the US (appears on our ASB statement as "Worthpoint") $US20 on a regular basis from my ASB visa card for some considerable time. I can see "Worthpoint" is in fact an outfit set up to evaluate antiques and collectibles. I am a collector and seller through Trade Me and am always on the lookout for information on bits and pieces I sell and can only guess I checked out their site sometime ago? (I have zero recollection of doing this and have never actually used them for anything I'm aware of?)
Now I have zero recollection of signing up for anything with this outfit which, if their name had appeared on our ASB statement, would have instantly put me on alert. However it didn't, and until I visited the bank over something unrelated that I became aware of what has been happening.
Yes- I know it's my fault, but. do I have any recourse as regards what I consider with hindsight to have been an unwarranted and (from memory) unsolicited payment? I can only assume I put a tick in an obscure box somewhere believing I was doing something else.
I've now cancelled that card but do I have any grounds to seek anything from them?

suicidemonkey, Jul 19, 5:03pm
That's unfortunate but no you probably don't have any grounds to get anything from them. The only way they would be able to take money from you is if you gave them your credit/debit card details.

nice_lady, Jul 19, 5:09pm
Quite often you'll see some situation where the business want's your credit card details even though they are offering a 'free trial' . I just dont' go there. I'd guess thats how you got caught. All I can suggest is that you pay a lot more attention to your monthly statements. This should have been picked up the first time it happened.

Hmmm re-reading your OP I have to say I don't understand this:


morticia, Jul 19, 5:09pm
Or someone they had dealt with sold their details on or had their own security breach.

king1, Jul 19, 5:16pm
I think cancelling the card is the best way forward if the card company won't stop it,-inc

lythande1, Jul 20, 8:38am
Seriously? DO people never check their statements, online or not?

mark.p, Oct 12, 1:08am
Some of us like the old fashion approach, on paper monthly.

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