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athena2, Dec 26, 7:10pm
My daughter bought me one for Christmas but can't get it to work. Do they work with desktop computers? I'm starting to think not. I also have a Samsung tablet but she couldn't get it to work with that either.

suicidemonkey, Dec 26, 7:34pm
Yes they work with any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Why isn't it working? Can you be specific? What have you tried?

nice_lady, Dec 26, 7:40pm
a desktop computer will only be able to activate a chromecast if the chromecast is on the same network.

You need to detail EXACTLY what you have tried.
As for the tablet yeah it'll work with that for sure if they're both on wifi. Its easy enough. What EXACTLY have you tried on the tablet.

shakespeare6, Dec 26, 7:41pm
Been a long time since I have had to set one up but from mem-Plug it into the hdmi port of the tv - switch to that input you will see it come up. Down load the app for chrome cast on your samsung tablet. you will notice that the chrome cast will allow you to direct connect to its own wifi. Go into your tablet settings and connect to the chrome cast wifi. The password will be displayed on the tv screen. Then once you are wifi direct connected run the chrome cast app. This app will allow you to set your home wifi ssid password into the chrome cast that way the chrome cast will connect to your home wifi. Then put your tablet back on your normal wifi and now your chrome cast should show on your tv screen as connected to your home wifi.
Go into YouTube or Netflix or what ever on your tablet select content to watch , when it plays you will see the little cast symbol on the top roof your tablet screen. Tap on that if William then give you an option to play via chrome cast and this will play on your tv.
Very simple once set up -

athena2, Dec 26, 7:48pm
Daughter was trying to do it for me yesterday but she's gone home now. Will have to email her and ask what she tried. Thanks for the help - so what it means is that I have to download an app to the tablet - does that set up something on the Chromecast thing? Then can I run stuff from the desktop somehow? I don't like using the tablet and prefer to do stuff on desktop. We have it all plugged in OK. I may need to get her back with boyfriend! It's all a bit much for me at 70, but I'm sure it will be good when set up - then I can get rid of Sky!
Thanks again - that's all really helpful.

nice_lady, Dec 26, 7:54pm
We got a 2nd chromecast a couple of weeks ago for our bedroom 'non smart' tv. We did get one about 5 years or so ago when they first came out and have had it ever since. Anyway it's dead simple to setup just look in the box for the little bit of paper it's got 3 steps listed on it. Very easy to do.

As for the desktop it will connect to the Chromecast IF it's on the same wireless network - definitely. But if it's a wired, (plugged in connection) then I'm not sure about that.

guyh, Dec 26, 8:19pm
You MUST have Chrome running as your browser on the desktop for the Chromecast to work, along with the Casting app. Mr Google has not made it that simple to use.

athena2, Dec 26, 10:33pm
Yes, I have Chrome running on desktop. I'll have another try tomorrow. Thanks for everyone's help.

vtecintegra, Dec 26, 10:48pm
Uhh how on earth could it be any simpler? The clue is right there in the name of the product.

suicidemonkey, Dec 26, 10:52pm
Uh, well it you Google "how to use Chromecast on desktop", the first result clearly explains what to do. Our definition of "simple" must differ.

sunnysue1, Dec 27, 8:18am
You tube how to install it on your Tablet and follow the instructions on the Desktop. Do not despair. I took 5 days of 10mins a day. limited cause of frustration. Lol. and Hallelujah it worked. I was determind not to ask the kids. Only ever watch News on Live TV now and Demand everything else.

5425, Dec 27, 8:56am
Use Noel leeming setup service , if you can't get it to work.

wheelz, Dec 27, 6:50pm
Don't forget to plug the USB cable in so it can get power. Mine is plugged into the USB port of the DVD player.

athena2, Mar 10, 9:01pm
Thanks, Shakespeare6, followed those instructions and have it working now. Much appreciated. Happy New Year.

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