Alcatel 2038M

maclad, Jun 16, 5:36pm
Just got this new, "old school" push button phone and it is fine apart from one thing. I am not at all savvy with technology and need help with this if I can explain it well enough. When I need to send a text msg the phone appears to be pre programmed to predictive text, which I hate, cannot do. However, I can manage to change those settings so I can send a text, but I cannot get it to hold. Each time I send a text I need to go through the whole rigmarole and reset everything everytime I text. There must be some easy way for a technophobic like me to change this.

nice_lady, Jun 16, 5:50pm
Somewhere in the settings ?
Didn't you get a user manual ?

maclad, Jun 16, 6:00pm
I have looked at everything, nothing in settings and have savvy people at work who cannot work it out. They say it must be simple but cannot find the way to do this. No user manual.

jeffm13, Jun 16, 6:04pm
On my old Samsung fliptop I had to press hash or asterisk, or perhaps I had to hold it, to change the input mode. I can barely remember, despite only ditching that phone 18 months ago.

nice_lady, Jun 16, 6:09pm

that seems to be a user manual for that model, (I think). Alcatel Nz don't even have that model listed. Anyway I flicked thru that manual but couldn't find anything relevant. Help yourself.

nice_lady, Jun 16, 6:20pm

Actually I think this one is specific to your model. But I didn't see any thing helpful in a quick look thru it. Again - help yourself. Good luck.

nice_lady, Nov 4, 6:56pm
Sorted ?

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