Help an old lady please, with computor start up

lionlover1, May 6, 10:45am
When I start up my computor the screen is very dark hardly able to see where to put in password, I have to close it then restart then it shows. I dont want to do that every time it never used to happen. thanks

kerikeri13, May 6, 11:05am
Have you tried the buttons at the base of the screen. They may assist in lightening it for you.

lionlover1, May 6, 2:00pm
When I first start it you carnt really see anything

nice_lady, May 6, 2:22pm
Do what the first poster in post #2 says. The buttons they refer to are on the edges, (generally), of the actual screen - unless it's a laptop ?

r.g.nixon, Dec 6, 2:46am
Laptop, all-in-one, or desktop?

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