Problem with setting up lightbox on tablet

mops4, Sep 6, 10:46am
I am having trouble setting up lightbox using chrome cast on my tablet, keeps telling me I'm not connected to internet. Have Netflix which I had no problems with. Spark not sure either and not much help.

king1, Sep 6, 1:01pm
are you connected to the internet?
is the chromecast connected to the internet?
is netflix working through the chromecast?

mops4, Sep 6, 2:07pm
thanks yes Netflix is working good through chrome cast. and always connected to the internet, don't know what the problem is.

mikep, Sep 6, 5:25pm
I've had Lightbox working with my Chromecast for a while no problem, so I'll ask a few more questions
Can you watch Lightbox shows on the tablet?
Do you get the rectangle in the top of the screen when its running on the tablet?
Which Chromecast are you using - the original or the 2? (or even the Ultra)
Perhaps if you go through the steps with us and describe at which point it says its not connected.

mops4, Sep 7, 8:17am
problem fixed and all good now. Thanks for your help and input.

spyware, Sep 7, 10:11am
Nice of you not to provide any insight into the cause.

mops4, Sep 7, 3:54pm
sorry, but not sure what the problem was. think it might have been the connection to the internet not set up right, my fault.

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