Need help with copying bulk long file names.

mr_lovebug, Jun 2, 2:15pm
Need to do a system restore for a friend and I went to copy the user folder to the external hard drive as I often do.

The problem is they have Really LONG names and many folders with long names and folders of long name inside of folders.

So without look at every single folder, is there a program (freeware if possible) that will copy the full folder and subfolders of long file names?

I am needing to copy 75 gig of files and it is roughly 4 gigs of files I am having the problem with which is photos and 20k pics that I can't find.

Can anyone please help me?
I have been doing it folder by folder but it's taking me forever to find 100 missing files.

nice_lady, Jun 2, 2:24pm
Try supercopier Andrew

mr_lovebug, Jun 2, 6:32pm
Thanks so much for the help.

That did the job.

nice_lady, Jun 2, 7:06pm
OH Sweet !

black-heart, Jun 2, 9:45pm
best copying utility ever made is beyond compare, by scooter soft.

mr-word, Nov 11, 4:42am
I would have said Tera Copy.

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