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deendon1, Jul 28, 8:54am
Hi We keep loosing our internet now that vodafone has switched us to fibre. Several times a day it's gone for around 5 minutes the worst is early evening. We've only just been switched 2 or so months ago so modem is new.

Was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions as to whether there is an easy fix or recommendations for a different supplier.
At the moment we'd prefer broadband and we still have a landline but I'm happy to get rid of it (might start another thread as to how to do so) thanks

spyware, Jul 28, 9:53am
Problem has nothing to do with retail service provider (RSP). Infrastructure is responsibility of LFC (Local Fibre Company), Chorus in your case). If you change RSP then you still connect via Chorus.

To fix the problem you obviously need to find out what is causing it.

Does your phone line also drop?
Is it a wireless problem only? , eliminate by connecting via Ethernet patch lead.

black-heart, Jul 28, 12:14pm
replace the router

mrfxit, Jul 28, 12:26pm
We have this from time to time & started with switching the router off for a few minutes but it didn't work very often.
Now I simply turn off the router AND the ONT for a few minutes & it works everytime & stays on for longer

lythande1, Jul 28, 1:08pm
On cable or just wifi? Pretty vague problem description.

mrfxit, Jul 28, 1:29pm
Good point but with the current ISP home modem/router setups, doesn't make much difference a lot of the time

nice_lady, Jul 28, 2:09pm
Jeez we must be lucky. All the horror stories I've read of screwed up Fibre installations and bad modems etc - we've had Zero problems at any stage of the install and zero issue with the modem over the 3 & 1/2 years we've have Fibre running. Awesome.

deendon1, Jul 28, 2:39pm
sorry guys went to football then you guessed it no wifi

Yes phone line drops the times we've tried it, we don't use it very often I will check next time it goes to see if it it every time

are router and modem the same thing
I don't know what an ethernet patch lead it, will Chorus supply one if they suddenly seem unable to provide us with fibre that works?

whats an ONT?
kids have started turning modem off and on again but it takes so long to reconnect, I don't think there is any time saved by doing so, I just wait or make a drink
I don't understand what on cable or just wifi means sorry cables for what?

deendon1, Jul 28, 2:40pm
(despite the impression you may have gained from the above answers I'm not stupid! )

thanks for all your advice/help

vtecintegra, Jul 28, 2:43pm
The ONT is the Chorus box screwed to the wall. The router is the other box plugged into it. There is no modem required for fibre.

By cable the other posters mean physically plugging your laptop into the router with an Ethernet cable. If this works it somewhat narrows down where the problem is.

vtecintegra, Jul 28, 2:45pm
Chrous isn't going to provide any support for your home network (including the router or providing an ethernet cable) you'll need to talk to your ISP first

deendon1, Jul 28, 2:55pm
is the ethernet cable the one that runs from the computer into the router? I just plug it straight into the phone jack in the wall?

I'll give it a go

or I need to go and buy a different cable (ethernet) to plug into the new router?

mrfxit, Jul 28, 3:07pm
Ph Jack?
Fiber internet has 3 assorted connection box's.
1 outside on your house wall (Ignore it)
2 inside the house (possibly your garage if a new house)

1st unit is the fiber connection between the outside & inside of the house = ONT (Looks like std modem but isn't & will be screwed to the wall).
2nd unit is the Router (looks like a std modem, but isn't & just sits where it needs to be).
This 2nd unit is used to connect your devices/ (PC's/ Laptops/ tablets/ landline if you still have it, . etc) to the ONT.

There are 4 ports in a row on the router for connecting Ethernet (network) cables directly to devices that can use that type of cable (typically PC's & Laptops).
Ethernet is a larger & different plug then any std telephone plug .

Any type of Ethernet cable will connect ok between the router & laptop AND should auto detect the connection.

spyware, Jul 28, 3:35pm
In order to eliminate the router you can connect a PC/laptop directly to the ONT (Ethernet patch lead) by configuring the network interface with vlan id=10 and setting to DHCP. PC should get a public IP address and you should be able to browse the Internet.

deendon1, Jul 28, 4:26pm
So how can I have fibre if no one has changed anything inside or outside the house?
we just have the same old phone jack with a splitter plugged in used to be phone and 'modem' plugged into splitter now phone is plugged into the new modem (which might be a router)

(vodafone have said we're on fibre)

nice_lady, Jul 28, 5:06pm
If your modem is plugged into a filter/splitter as you call it and that's plugged into the phone socket on the wall then you are not on fibre

nice_lady, Jul 28, 5:08pm
Please detail what EXACTLY happened during the process of Voda 'switching you to Fibre'. What did they or anyone else do - EXACTLY ?

Anyone visit ?
Anyone run new cables anywhere ?
Any new hardware installed by someone for you ? ('modems/other boxes' ). ?

What ?

deendon1, Jul 28, 6:21pm
Um Chorus dug the street up for ages and told everyone they were laying cables for fibre

we lost internet

phoned vodafone to say we'd lost internet blah blah they asked us what was on the screen on the modem , when we said what screen they sent us a new modem

internet came back

more digging

Chorus went away

letter from vodafone with new modem/router in it (large grey box about 30x20x4cm) plus instructions about what to do if certain medical equipment, warning phone wouldn't work, alarms etc

another letter with a short cable in it for phone (6cm) to plug into router rather than wall

next day everything went off we switched modem/router and plugged phone into the back started working again but kept dropped out.

I phoned vodafone to discuss and they actually told me I was on fibre!

No one actually came to the house that I know of

Nothing in the house other than the things we have plugged in

(sorry if splitter isn't the right word I thought you'd all know what I meant)

thanks again

spyware, Jul 28, 6:29pm
Do you have an ONT (Optical Network Terminal)?

My guess is you are not on fibre and simply switched from ADSL2+ to VDSL2 with voice changing from analog copper to ATA port on router. In which case the problems you are having are caused most likely by crap house wiring.

nice_lady, Jul 28, 6:39pm
yah to get Fibre installed you WILL have a visit or three from the installers. They'll have to put Fibre cable from the street to the wall of your house where it will go into a 'box' on the outside wall. This is often 'thrust' through the ground and if it encounters driveways they may cut the driveway or thrust to a point in the lawn then dig then thrust from there. You'll have to sign something to say that you are the owner or get the owner to do so in order to have this happen.

Then they'll get another guy or a couple to come and run the cable from the box on the outside wall of your house to a place in the house where they'll install another box - the ONT - and a 'modem' (actually it's a router but . meh). anyway NONE of this will happen without you meeting with someone who goes through a plan of the activity with you and you sign it off.

So did any of this happen ?

I see you say "no one came to the house that you know of"
In that case you DON'T have Fibre !

spyware, Jul 28, 6:40pm
As a first step given the phones are no longer connected directly to the copper runs have Chorus disconnect at ETP (external termination point) all the runs that don't go to the router's phone jack.

deendon1, Jul 28, 9:21pm
OK thanks again

why on earth did vodafone tell me we're on fibre?

endless letters
warnings about essential medical equipment not working (we don't have any) etc etc

no one came and did anything

Chorus didn't do anything

I don't think we have an ONT

why would vodafone witch us from ADSL to VDSL?

by wiring do you mean electrical wiring or communications wiring, why has it suddenly got so bad?


mrfxit, Jul 29, 8:07am
Can you give us a model number of the modem/router in your house.
Depending on model, it could eliminate a few options

nice_lady, Jul 29, 8:09am
That info will be on a small sticker/plate under the modem or on the back or somewhere on it.

spyware, Jul 29, 8:56am
Vodafone are switching all customers from ADSL to VDSL as they switch their phones off the analog lines. This saves money as they don't have to pay Spark for exchange services. Spark own the switches (NEAX, and new Ericsson stack) in the exchanges where most voice solutions come from. VDSL allows use of quality of service on VoIP traffic (router is the VoIP client, server in Vodafone cloud).

The thing about VDSL is that it is more sensitive to poor lines, distance from cabinet/exchange and the poor house wiring. Typically if you have VDSL to get best performance a master splitter filter at ETP is required to isolate the cable runs that connect phones to prevent VDSL signal going down stubs and reflecting. Given no phones on cable stubs anymore it is equivalent to just disconnecting the runs and just have one cable to the modem/router.

Note: Also If you have an alarm panel connected to the voice circuits then it could still be dialing out (makes no difference if monitored or not) which would cause disconnections. Typically a master splitter filter would have been installed to solve this problem if it occurred with ADSL.

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