I need a new Browser

mcarky, May 6, 8:26pm
Internet explorer has got slower and slower, ads are clogging the start up, pages are freezing and Ctrl Alt Del takes you back to GO and don't collect $200. Even this site is a lot slower viewed through IE. Installing an Ad blocker helps but then I upset Geekzone when they detect its presence. So what do I use instead? I like having a directory of folders with my favourites under headings and a tool bar of the most common sites. I want to be able to continue using an ad blocker on commercial sites but with the option of whitelisting for those free sites that I get a benefit from. Ideas?

vtecintegra, May 6, 8:35pm
What ad blocker are you using?


suicidemonkey, May 6, 8:35pm
Chrome or Firefox. Both are good, both are compatible with ad blockers like uBlock Origin.

r.g.nixon, May 6, 9:03pm
I use Brave. Just rarely have to use Firefox with addblock plus.

gibler, May 6, 9:29pm
I only suggest Firefox. Open Source. Non-commerical. Not Corporate driven.Many good plug-ins. Cool mascot.

issymae, May 6, 9:48pm
changed to edge lately; no more recover web page or freezing

namtak, May 7, 12:05am
I've used Mozilla Seamonkey for many years without problems. Also has built in mail application.

mrfxit, Dec 5, 7:04pm
Firefox (original)
Palemoon (Cut down version of Firefox)

Just be aware that each browser handles some things slightly differently such as printing from the internet can be challenging for some things with Chrome & Opera
Palemoon & Firefox are very close to being the same browser but PM is slightly faster.

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