Arduino and wifi controllable motor

kail85, Sep 7, 11:49am
I'm a total newbie of Arduino, but I have general programming skills in Python and C++. I would like to make a wifi controllable motor (that I can control from my iphone remotely) that runs clock and anti clockwise continuously (according to the command sent from my iphone) to a specific number of rotations. Also I would require the motor has sufficient torque such as 2kg per cm.

So my ideal configuration is like:

Power -> Arduino board <-> Motor

The Arduino board receives the command from my iphone then drives the motor to spin.

In order to implement my idea, what kind of parts I should purchase?

ronaldo8, Sep 7, 1:15pm
Get yourself an esp32 or esp8266. Far more powerful with built in wifi and Bluetooth, a massive development community, supported by the Arduino IDE and capable of running micro-python or even RTOS.
And cheap as (wait for it) chips. A Wemos D1 is $9, the mini is about $15

Also available in Arduino Uno form factor if you want to stack it with an existing Arduino or shields for instance.

ronaldo8, Sep 7, 1:38pm
As for the motor section, if angular accuracy is required you have two choices, either a standard electric motor, brushed or brushless with an encoder on it to provide feedback, which in automation terms is called a servo motor, or a stepper motor, both have advantages and disadvantages. Youll need to do some reading.

Torque is a function of the size of the lever or mechanical advantage, you'll need to do more reading.

You will allso need to buy or build some kind of driver board to convert your logic level signals into a pulse train for the stepper or a set of appropriate currents for the servo.

These are available as Arduino shields for small motors, usually based on an L293 or even a ULN2003 chip if it's a very small motor eg. I'd recommend you start with one of those hooked up to a wemos board driving a small stepper, it's trivially easy in terms of code and getting the thing attached to the web through a smartphone app like Blynk. steppers

kail85, Sep 7, 1:57pm
Thank you so much for such detailed guidance! I will order the parts you recommended!

ronaldo8, Sep 7, 5:54pm
You are very welcome, enjoy the journey. It's lots of fun and can take you to some very interesting places. One last link for good measure. You'll find many like it but this gives a decent overview of whats involved.

ronaldo8, Sep 7, 8:37pm
Listing #: 1408671835 plus any esp8266 board, eg Listing #: 1408029514 would do it I'd think, $20 all up. I have no affiliation with that seller nor am I advertising on his behalf, however, I've bought a few things from him and can certainly recommend him.

You could develop your idea with that and then If you find you still need more power just upgrade the motor/driver combo to something beefier.

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