RNZ National Prog drop-out using Bluetooth

fishb8, Mar 22, 6:51am
I listen to RNZ radio from app on phone to Bluetooth speaker using wifi.
Keeps dropping out every now and then, sometimes for several minutes.
Have tried switching phone to Android tablet. same happens. Our computers don't lose connection to net. Speaker doesn't lose connection to phone when playing music.
What's causing this?

king1, Mar 22, 8:21am
process of elimination would suggest the RNZ app, but the bluetooth connection is all provided by the OS so shouldn't really affect it.
Have you tried listening through the RNZ website as against the app? I'm assuming you can.

fishb8, Mar 22, 9:17am
Cheers, just tuned in via website and see how that goes.

fishb8, Mar 22, 11:31am
2+ hours and no drop outs. Looks like the RNZ app is causing the drop outs.

peanuts37, Jan 5, 7:55pm
Could be app not set to run in background and stops when something like screen turns off.

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