Fibre broadband offer

mekongmike, Jan 9, 5:55pm
Hi, we have had a company ask us about installing real fibre cable for internet, which company have people found the best value for unlimited internet ? Is it better to go for a internet power combo? We don't have a landline. Thanks for your thoughts.

Mike And Ruth

event_horizon_1, Jan 9, 6:14pm
If Fibre has been rolled out in your area then talk to your ISP as in most instances it is free.

r.g.nixon, Jan 9, 8:04pm
Don't go with a power combo.

bryshaw, Jan 10, 6:15pm
In our area Chorus or a subsidiary lays the cable, not Spark.

alexdj, Jan 30, 3:01pm
Just check: to find all available ISPs and fibre deals on the market.

supernova2, Jan 30, 6:53pm
What on earth is "real fibre cable"?

lythande1, Feb 11, 4:06am
LOl, as opposed to fake fibre perhaps?

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